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ALSACAT is my comprehensive catalog of UFO sighting reports in Alsace, the region is the North-East of France, whether they are "explained" or "unexplained".

The ALSACAT catalog is made of case files with a case number, summary, quantitative information (date, location, number of witnesses...), classifications, all sources mentioning the case with their references, a discussion of the case in order to evaluate its causes, and a history of the changes made to the file. A general index and thematic sub-catalogs give access to these Alsatian case files.

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Case of Strasbourg, on January 15, 1964:

Case number:



A US website incorporating the old UFOCAT catalog indicates that according to the German UFO bulletin "UFO Nachrichten", there was a observation of the "Nocturnal Light" type on January 15, 1964, at 09:30 p.m. in Strasbourg.

A German on-line ufology databse also lists it, with no more information.


Temporal data:

Date: January 15, 1964
Time: 09:30 p.m.
Duration: ?
First known report date: 1996
Reporting delay: Hours, 32 years.

Geographical data:

Department: Bas-Rhin
City: Strasbourg
Place: ?
Latitude: 48.575
Longitude: 7.750
Uncertainty radius: 10 km

Witnesses data:

Number of alleged witnesses: ?
Number of known witnesses: ?
Number of named witnesses: ?
Witness(es) ages: ?
Witness(es) types: ?

Ufology data:

Reporting channel: ?
Type of location: ?
Visibility conditions: Night
UFO observed: Yes
UFO arrival observed: ?
UFO departure observed: ?
Entities: No
Photographs: No.
Sketch(s) by witness(es): No.
Sketch(es) approved by witness(es): No.
Witness(es) feelings: ?
Witnesses interpretation: ?


Hynek: NL
ALSACAT: Totally insufficient information.


[Ref. uda1:] "UFODNA" WEBSITE:

15 January 1964 21:30

Strasbourg, Alsace, France

Hynek rating: NL

The sources are indicated as: "UFO Nachrichten (Veit), UFO Nachrichten (Germany)."

[Ref. uda2:] "UFODATENBANK.DE":

Case number:19640115
New case number:
Date of observation:01/15/1964
Hour of observation:09.30 p.m.
Zip code:
Place of observation:Straßburg
Geocoordinates:Length: Width:
Country of observation:France
Investigation status:
Source:DUFOA-Deutschland - SiDat - 1996-2002

[Ref. ubk1:] "UFODATENBANK":

Case ID19640115
Global case number:19640115-0004-UDB
Date of observation (Day)15
Date of observation (Month)1
Date of observation(Year)1964
Hour of observation21.30
Zip Code
Place of observationStrasbourg
Federal state
Hynek Classification
Vallee Classification
Ruthledge Classification
Henke Classification
Status of the investigation
Case added by
Latest change by:
Investigator in charge of the case
SourceDUFOA-Deutschland - SiDat - 1996-2002
State of the information25.04.2015 22:16
Accesses to this record2
Link to Openmap,France
Link to the observation
Summary for guestsThe facts and possibly other douments will be published in time. Thank you for your patience.
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This shows how unhelpful most "catalogues" are.


Totally insufficient information.

Sources references:

* = Source is available to me.
? = Source I am told about but could not get so far. Help needed.

File history:


Main author: Patrick Gross
Contributors: None
Reviewers: None
Editeur: Patrick Gross

Changes history:

Version: Create/changed by: Date: Description:
0.1 Patrick Gross July 6, 2015 Creation, [uda1], [d2].
1.0 Patrick Gross July 6, 2015 First published.
1.1 Patrick Gross January 25, 2018 Addition [ubk1].

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