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Date:June 15, 1884
Place:Cincinnati, Ohio


Or a Remarkable Story
A Mysterious Body Which Twisted a Tree Off as You Would the Top of a Raddish

CINCINNATI, Ohio, June 17. -- A correspondent says in the Enquirer: "During the wind-storm which passed over the city Monday afternoon [June 15] I noticed a remarkable freak of the heavenly bodies. While passing below the Hopple estate, on the avenue, I emerged from the gale into a space of deathlike stillness. I felt a choking sensation, and experienced a difficulty in breathing, realizing that something unusual was about to transpire. I hurriedly glanced around, and over the south end of Rawson's pork-house I noticed a rapidly descending body, about the size of an ordinary balloon. It revolved within itself, and was of a dull leaden color, with pale white edges, making a seething noise in its approach. It suddenly swept forward with an almost incredible velocity across the avenue. I dropped flat and held onto the track for safety, and was conscious of a dreadful commotion on the other side of the road and a sudden return of the gale. An examination showed that the mysterious body had wrenched a tree, forty inches in diameter, clear off three feet from the ground, as clean as you could twist the top from a raddish. What is more remarkable, not a twig or leaf was damaged on the rest of the tree. After it destroyed the tree it instantly disappeared as mysteriously as it came." [1]


  • [1] Article in the newspaper "Marion Daily Star", of Marion, Ohio, June 19, 1885.
Explanation:Admitting that parts of the stories are exagerated, could be a sorm's vortex.


Type of report:Readers's letter to newspaper.
Number of witnesses:1.
Number of named witnesses:0.
Witnesses occupations:Not indicated.
Type of location:Not indicated.
Coordinates:Lat.39.161N Long. 84.456W
Coordinates precision:5 kilometers.
Description of "UFO":Dark body, with pale edges, rotating, noisy.
Description of "manoeuvers":Is rotating, comes down, then moves fast.
Reactions:Fear and curiosity.
Occupants keywords:N/A
Weather:Wind storm.
Observation devices:None.
Strangeness:Insufficient information.
Explanation(s) at the time:Not indicated.

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