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The 1954 French flap:

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October, 1954, Yvetot, Seine-Maritime:

Reference for this case: Oct-54-Yvetot.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


A press clipping that reached me without reference other than "Oct. 1954" and "Yvetot" reported that a "mysterious craft" had crossed the skies of the region:

There were "two loud bangs", "a luminous globe", it was around 4 p.m. and the witness was a "trustworthy" lady who "went about her business."

She had "suddenly" noticed "a curious craft in the shape of a luminous globe, which was moving at a vertiginous speed, having the sound of an ordinary plane, leaving behind a strong trail of smoke, crossing the firmament of West to Northwest" and "disappeared after a few minutes all of a sudden."

The newspaper suspected that it was probably a meteor.




A mysterious machine crosses the sky of our country

Two strong detonations... a luminous sphere... A certain day of last week, around 4 p.m., a lady - worthy of faith - was busy with her work, when she suddenly saw a weird machine having the shape of a luminous sphere, which moved at a vertiginous speed, with the noise of an ordinary plane, leaving behind a strong trail of smoke, crossing the heavens from the West to the North-West.

The machine disappeared after a few minutes all of a sudden.

An aerolite probably... but at these flying saucers times, you never know.


Possibly meteor or probable jet plane.

(In France, the first jet plane sonic boom occurred on February 4,1953.)



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Yvetot, Seine-Maritime, anonymous, single, trail, explosion, ball, luminous, fast, noise, plane, smoke


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