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The 1954 French flap:

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Probably beginning of October, 1954, Vilhonneur, Charente:

Reference for this case: Oct-54-Vilhonneur.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


In their 1979 book "La Grande Peur Martienne" ("The Great Martian Scare"), the two "skeptical" ufologists Gérard Barthel and Jacques Brucker, in order to illustrate their opinion on the indigence of the Press reports, published the following excerpt, indicating that it came from the newspaper La Nouvelle République for October 8, 1954:

"Mr. Triplon, saw a luminous and motionless craft above Vilhonner."

Of course, "Vilhonner" is their misstyped name for "Vilhonneur" in the Charente department.



The two authors indicate, in order to illustrate their opinion on the poor content of the saucer reports in the press, the following extract of which they indicate that the source is the newspaper La Nouvelle République for October 8, 1954:

"Mr. Triplon, saw a luminous and motionless machine above Vilhonner."



I was intrigued by the surname "Triplon"; which I had never heard or read before. I found in the I.N.S.E.E.E. census database that in all France, there was only one "Triplon" born between 1891 and 1915, in Charente precisely, then 13 "Triplon" born between 1916 and 1940, 11 between 1940 and 1961, in Charente and nearby departments of Dordogne and Gironde.

Barthel and Brucker are right about the lack of information for this press report and many other press reports. But:

As for what was the "craft" was, since it is luminous and its immobility is evoked, it is of course clear that the information is totally insufficient, and possible that it was an astronomical misinterpretation.


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Vilhonneur, Charente, Triplon, luminous, motionless, craft, object


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