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The 1954 French flap:

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October, 1954, Foucarmont, Seine-Maritime:

Reference number for this case: Oct-54-Foucarmont. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The local newspaper Bresle et Vimeu Libre, from Gamaches in the Somme department, dated October 17, 1954, told this tall story:

A Mr. L. from Richemont and a Mr. C. from Realcamp, who were returning home, after their work in Foucarmont, were going up the hill of Saint-Léger, when they suddenly saw "something like this: form cigar, big eyes, and everything, and everything..."

The newspaper says that the men were afraid, especially when the saucer landed near them and that two individuals, in Martian language, requested 5 liters of gasoline which had to be removed from the 5 CV car. They had to obey. Then lightning and vertical departure. And from the craft falls, in terms of payment, a bank note from a Mars bank, to be cashed before January 1st, 1999..."

And to conclude: "What is the truth in this? We do not know. But, since then, our men have yellowed... in black!"





Two more people who "saw one"! They are MM. L. of Richemont and C. of Realcamp, who were returning home after their work in Foucarmont. They were going up the hill of Saint-Léger. Suddenly, something like this: cigar shape, big eyes, and all that, all that..

Our men are afraid. Their fright redoubled when the saucer land near them. Two individuals, in Martian language, require 5 liters of gasoline which must be removed from the 5 CV. It must be carried out. Then lightning and vertical departure. And from the craft, as payment, a bank note from the bank of Mars is dropped, to be cashed before January 1st, 1999...

What's true in this? We don't know. But since then our men have had yellowed... in black!



This is of course a journalistic invention.

The "Martians" request for gasoline was certainly inspired by the farce played to Mr. Laugère in Montluçon on October 12, 1954.



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