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The 1954 French flap:

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Summer 1954, Bette, Creuse:

Reference for this case: Summer-54-Bette2.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The ufology magazine Lumières Dans La Nuit #130 of December 1973, in a catalog of observations in the Creuse, noted a case coming from the Belgian ufologist J.G. Dohmen, transmitted to the French ufologist Jean Giraud; which occurred in the Summer of 1954 at a place called Bette near Trois-Fond.

On this occasion, it is noted that in the days which followed this previous case, a farmer from Bette had seen strange individuals moving in the countryside.

It is noted that Jean Giraud investigated but that the peasant was not found.


[Ref. jgd1:] "JAN D'AIGURE":

"Jan d'Aigure" indicates that it was the ufologist J. G. Dohmen who told him of the case in Bette, in the department of the Creuse, in 1954, who also specified that in the days following the case, a peasant reported to have seen strange beings wandering in the country.

"Jan d'Aigure" specifies that when they went on location to investigate, they could not locate this peasant.


010 ../SUM/1954 - TROIS-FONDS (Bette)

Witness a peasant from Bette.

In the days that followed the previous landing, he had the opportunity to see strange individuals evolving in the countryside (?).

(L.D.L.N. #130, Dec 1973 "Pleins feux sur la Creuse")

- Inv. GIRAUD: case not confirmed, witness not found.



1954 Addenda

Summer, 1954 2100 Bette (Creuse), France Type B

M. X was returning home on a bicycle when he saw a circle of light descend from the sky and land in a field beside the road. Two beings similar to men emerged from it, wearing helmets with antennas. The witness tried to accelerate, but felt as if pedaling "in a vacuum." He remained "stupor-struck" for some days. During these days a peasant of Bette saw strange individuals maneuvering in the countryside."

Investigator: J.-G. Dohmen.

Source; LDLN #130 (12/73), pp. 15f.

[Ref. prn1:] PETER ROGERSON:

Summer 1954 2300.


A worker was bicycling home when, suddenly, a circle of light descended from the sky and landed in a field near the road. From it emerged came two human-like beings wearing helmets with antennae. The witness tried to accelerate away, but he had a feeling he was pedalling in a vacuum. A peasant in the area also claimed to have seen some strange individual in the countryside.

Jean-Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130, p.16 citing LDLN 130.



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