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Autumn 1953 or 1954, Saint-Laurent-en-Royans, Drôme:

Reference for this case: Aut-5354-Saint-Laurent-en-Royans.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


André Chaloins was the vice-president of the AAMT ("Association des Amis de Marc Thirouin"), a ufology group founded in honoring to this pioneer of French ufology. In the newsletter of this group, U.F.O. Informations for the 2nd quarter of 1982, we learn that André Chaloins' cousin had made an observation, investigated by the latter.

The information given is that in the autumn of 1954 or perhaps of 1953, in Saint-Laurent-en-Royans, in the Drôme department, at 04:30 p.m., this cousin observed for about 10 minutes a craft shaped like a shell, of 3 meters in height, the color of a rainbow, silent and very luminous.

It reportedly had transverse strips of the color of the rainbow. Its movement was very slow.

It was the luminosity of this object that caught the attention of the witness.

The object would have been about 100 meters from the top of the mountain, 600 meters high above the trees planted at the top - an indication of height that does not seem clearer to André Chaloins than to me.



DATE: Autumn 1954 (maybe 53)

PLACE: St Laurent en Royans -26- Combe-Laval

WITNESSE: a cousin of Mr. CHALOINS (vice-president of the AAMT)

HOUR: 04:30 p.m.

DURATION OF OBSERVATION: 10 mn approximately

OBSERVATION: Craft in the shape of a shell about 3m high, the color of a rainbow, non-noisy and very luminous. In transverse bands were the color of the rainbow. The move was very slow. The witness's attention was drawn by the luminosity of the object. It was about 100m from the top of the mountain. 600 m high above the trees planted at the top (?)

SOURCE: AAMT investigation, CHALOIN André.



For an investigation, this was really very sketchy and unclear. I even wonder if it was not just exactly that, a rainbow...

A simple diagram of the object would probably have helped to lift this kind of doubts one way or another...


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