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October 9, 1954, Vieux-Mesnil, Nord:

Reference for this case: 9-Oct-54-Vieux-Mesnil.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


In an article about the "flying saucers", the local newspaper La Frontière, of Maubeuge, reported on October 15, 1954, that a saucer had been seen above the Bois de Boussières by two people who, "Saturday" - therefore October 9, 1954 - returned to their homes in Vieux-Mesnil.




The gazettes have, this week again, brought us their short column concerning the flying saucers. Our fellow Radar with a title big like that, announcing that they are offering a million to anyone who brings them the photo of a "real" flying saucer, publishes drawings of truly sensational reconstituted Martians.


Everyone has their own opinion on this and Sunday, the great radio pundit, Jean Nonain [Nohain], in his program "Flying Saucer" interviewed a high personality of the aerial world.

According to this gentleman - who does not believe in Martians - it would be a "craft", a new weapon more precisely, currently at the testing stage and put into service by a "power". He believes that the saucer is made up of two cabins, one of which is fixed, and is powered by a "nuclear" mechanism.

???... Let's wait for the rest.


This week was marked with us by the vision of a saucer above the Bois de Boussières by two people who, on Saturday, returned to their home in Vieux-Mesnil.

You see that with us too, there is no longer a week without seeing anything abnormal.


But the last word was given by a metalworker from Lisse.

They were several like that speaking about this enthralling affair and they evoked the famous Brittany baker assistant wo, the first, saw a Martian at his sides... And who reported seeing a bearded and hairy being, with corbel's eyes...

The conversation then comes on the possibility of another world much more advanced than us in terms of technique.

- Not so, said the chap, they ain't no more advanced than us, they don't know about the electric shaver!




Totally insufficient information.


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Vieux-Mesnil, Nord, Bois de Boussières, saucer


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