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The 1954 French flap:

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November 4, 1954, La Brionne, Creuse:

Reference for this case: 4-Nov-54-La-Brionne.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


In a catalog of observations in the Creuse department of Frence published in December 1976 in the magazine INFO-OVNIS, it was noted that on November 4, 1954, at 06:00, at La Brionne, Mr. Chéron or Cheron was between the crossroads of the Montaigut road and the Brionne road, when a flash of light illuminated the sky.

Almost immediately, appeared a ball of fire "or more exactly a very luminous craft" of 1.5 meters of diameter "approximately", coming on his left; which "disappeared" towards the Maupuy, leaving behind an orange-colored trail.

The source of this sighting report, obviously of a meteor, would be the newspaper La Montagne for November 5, 1954.

Let's add that in 1955, the ufology magazine Ouranos had noted what was probably this case as occurring in Guéret at that date.




(continuation and addenda)


FRANCE -- [... others...] 4/11: Guéret (Creuse); [... others...]

[Ref. ioi1:] "INFO-OVNI" MAGAZINE:


030. .11//O4/I954 - O6 : OO ° - LA BRIONNE - Witness Mr. CHERON -

The Witness was between the level crossing of the Montaigut road and the Brionne road when a flash of light illuminated the sky. Almost immediately appeared a fireball or more exactly a very bright craft of 1.5 m. diameter approx. coming on his left which disappeared towards Maupuy leaving behind him an orange trail.

(LA MONTAGNE, Frid. NOV. 5, 1964)



The obvious problem is the date. The case is dated of the year 1954 by INFO-OVNI, it is published in chronological order among the other cases of 1954 in their catalog. But the source is given as Friday, November 5, 1964. One of the two years must be incorrect.

So I checked on the calendars if the two "November 5", the one of 1954 and the one of 1964, were or were not a Friday. It turns out that November 5, 1954 is a Friday, while November 5, 1964 is a Thursday. The correct year is thus 1954, the "1964" of the source is wrong.

I later found the case listed in Ouranos as soon as 1955. ("Guéret" is just next to La Brionne.)

As for observation, this is a perfect description of a meteor.


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La Brionne, Creuse, Guéret, Chéron, Cheron, Montaigut, flash, luminous, ball, fire, craft, Maupuy, trail, orange


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