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October 2, 1954, Saint-Laurent-de-Lin, Indre-et-Loire:

Reference for this case: 2-Oct-54-Saint-Laurent-de-Lin.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



The author (who thinks UFOs are crated by military personal who wants people to believe in aliens) mentions sightings in the Indre et Loire, including one on 2 October 1954 in St Laurent-De-Lins [sic].


The author of the website indicates that in St Laurent-De-Lins [sic], on October 2, 1954, at 08:45 p.m., there was a luminous phenomenon in the shape of a crescent which illuminated the surroundings.

The source is indicated as "Nouvelle république du centre-ouest" for 10/05/54.


The author of the website indicates that in the evening of Saturday, October 2, 1954, a farmer of St Laurent-de-Lins [sic], Mr Marcel Massillon, is witness at about 20:45 at 300 meters of his home of a luminous phenomenon having the shape of a crescent which illuminated the neighbourhoods. He called several member of his family who also observed the same luminous phenomenon. This light then stretched and took the shape of a cigar, classical at the time, then it climbed in the sky by jerks and disappeared from the sight of the witnesses.

The source is given as "Nouvelle république du centre-ouest" for 10/05/54.


St Laurent-Of-Flaxes, October 2, 1954, 20h45.

A luminous phenomenon having the shape of crescent which illuminated the neighbourhoods. Source : "Nouvelle république du centre-ouest" for 10.05.54

[Ref. jqy1:] JEAN DE QUERCY:

28/06 - 1954 le 02 octobre - Saint-Laurent de Lin

Monsieur M. Massillon fut témoin aux alentours de 20h45 d'un curieux phénomène ce 02 octobre près de Saint-Laurent de Lin. De chez lui il observa un objet lumineux ayant la forme d'un croissant illuminant les alentours. Cette lueur s'étira par la suite pour prendre une forme caractéristique de cigare avant de monter vers le ciel en saccades pour finalement disparaitre à la vue des témoins.

Des ufologues pensent qu'il pourrait s'agir de la Lune, présente ce soir là et sous sa forme « croissant ». Le problème est que l'objet vu ce jour là monte par saccades avant de disparaitre. (Source : La Nouvelle république du Centre-Ouest du 05 octobre 1954)



When there is a crescent, one has the right to think that there is sense in checking the presence or the absence of the Moon:

At this place, 47° 30' 25" and 0° 15' 27", on October 2, 1954, at 08:45 p.m., the Moon is at an azimuth of 229° 40' - which does not help as the report gives no direction - and the low elevation of 1° 5' conducive to misinterpretations. It is ready to set down, passing behind the horizon at 05:54 p.m. It is in its last crescent, with 27.6% of its surface illuminated.

The Moon is thus there, and in the form of a crescent; the only problem is that the report says the phenomenon went up in the sky - by jerks moreover - when the moon was actually going down.

Update on March 28, 2022

After I wrote the above, Jean De Quercy took up the case in his book ([jqy1]). But it is neither "La Nouvelle République du Centre Ouest for October 05, 1954" nor "ufologists" who thought "that it could be the Moon", it is only in my explanation that this could be found.

Furthermore, the objection "the only problem is that the report says that it rises in the sky - in jerks" which one could by its wording attribute to Jean De Quercy is also taken from my explanation.


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Saint-Laurent-de-Lin, Saint-Laurent-de-Lins, Indre-et-Loire, night, luminous, crescent, light


[----] indicates sources that are not yet available to me.

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