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October 21, 1954, Guīnes, Pas-de-Calais:

Reference for this case: 21-Oct-54-Guīnes.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Nord Littoral reported among other observations on page 5 for October 23, 1954, that a resident of Guīnes, worker at the Etablissement Dion and Lavoine, descended from the Guines train "the night before yesterday" so on October 21, 1954, in the company of another of his fellow citizens, had seen a luminous disc.




Flying saucers
in the Calaisis

A Calaisian, shopping at "La Ruche", at the corner of rue du Onze-Novembre and rue A. Briand, located at Ste-Marie-Kerque, the day before yesterday evening, saw an unidentified luminous disc above the town. Mr. Merlier, whose statements co-substantiate those of another witness is absolutely formal:

- Previously I did not believe in these alleged craft at all. Now I'm sure because I'm grown up enough not to have been hallucinated!"

A Guines worker at Ets Dion and Lavoine, getting off the train from Guines the day before yesterday evening, around the same hour, in company another of his fellow citizens, also saw a luminous disc.

We will also see in the Nordausques section, that a craft was also seen.



Probably the meteor of 07:15 p.m., insufficient information.


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Guīnes, Pas-de-Calais, Dion et Lavoine, train, evening, disc, luminous


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