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October 19, 1954, Laqueuille, Puy-de-Dôme:

Reference for this case: 19-Oct-54-Laqueuille.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.





Two residents of Clermont saw a fire ball...

which disappeared when their vehicle headlights were on again

We open again, today, the file of the mysterious craft to pour in a really interesting testimony that we collected yesterday. It comes from M. Robert Delavet, driver with the S.A.C.E.R (company of construction and maintenance of the roads) of Clermont.

M. Delavet had left, last Tuesday 19 October, at the steering wheel of a truck of his company, to deliver material in the area of Tauves. Mr. Goyon, mechanic, his comrade of work, was at his side.

On their return to Clermont, at approximately 11:45 p.m., as the night was very dark and they arrived at the level of crossroads of the road of Bort, before going to Laqueuille-Bourg, their attention was drawn by an intense gleam that seemed to come from a wood located in direction of Bourg-Lastic.

But let's hear Mr. Delavat.

- Yes, it was in the direction of Bourg-Lastic, or on the train station of Laqueuille. We saw a strong red gleam which seemed to come from a small wood at 500 meters of us approximately. It is rather difficult to evaluate a distance by night. First of all we believed it was a forest fire. I slowed down the truck to try to locate what we believed to be a fire in order to raise an alarm in Laqueuille. We drove gently a few tens of meters more, and at this point in time in a clearing, down the left side of the road, we saw a disc or a ball, producing an intense light, like the raising sun.

"We stopped. I turned off my headlights. And during ten minutes we managed to observe it. "It" moved very slowly, on the right, on the left, and up and down almost at ground level. I tell you I was very afraid. We could not stare at it a very long time, because our eyes burned like if we had been welding without protection glasses. We then decided to drive on in direction of Laqueuille, from where all the valley is in view, to continue to observe. But as soon as I relit my headlights the craft disappeared.

"It appeared to me to be one meter in diameter approximately. But at what distance were us? It is impossible for me to tell this.

"I do not claim anything. I do not say "I saw a saucer or a cigar". That of which I am certain is that I was very afraid and that it was not a jet plane. Having been on military duty in the aviation, I saw enough of them, but none looked like this. Others colleagues at work also saw similar "things"... "

We deliver this testimony without comment to our readers. We only add some words for saying that Mr. Delavet seemed somebody very sensible to us and with "both feet on the ground".

Red disc, rocket and airship in the Nièvre

M. Léonard Roumy, deputy mayor of Raveau (the Nievre), as well as several people of the locality, saw last night, moving in direction of the south-east, a disc of reddish color. At the time when it flew over the community, the craft projected a sharp gleam.

In Chevenon, close to Imphy, Mr. Guy Chevrier, who was accompanied by three people, lengthily saw in the sky a kind of very luminous rocket which crossed the sky at high speed.

Finally, near Luzy, a railroad pensioner domiciled in Nevers, his wife and his son, who had visited their family, were overflown Sunday evening, around 8 p.m., by a metallic airship flying at a very low altitude, which projectors light lit the ground as in full day. The craft moved at a tremendous speed.

[Ref. jsr1:] JEAN SIDER:

Ufologist and author Jean Sider learned via an article from the newspaper La Liberté of Clermont-Ferrand for October 22 information on this case of October 19, at 11:45 p.m., in Laqueuille, close to Clermont-Ferrand in the Puy-de-Dome. He provides the content of the newspaper's article:

Mr. Delavet, driver with the SACER of Clermont, had left last Tuesday, October 19, at the wheel of a truck of his company. Mr. Goyon, mechanic, was beside him. On their return to Clermont, towards 23:45 whereas the night was very dark and as they arrived at the height of the junction of the road of Bort, before going up on Laqueuille-Bourg, their attention was attracted by an intense gleam. This gleam seemed to come from a wood located in direction of Bourg-Lastic, at approximately 500 meters of the witnesses.

Believing in a forest fire, Mr. Delavet slows down his vehicle to drive at low speed. In a clearing downwards on the left side of the road, the two men soon saw a disc or a ball, which released an intense light, like a raising sun. Mr. Delavet stopped his truck and during ten minutes the two men managed to observe the phenomenon, all headlights extinct.

The object moved very slowly from top to bottom and left on the right at ground level. It was impossible to stare at it a long time because the eyes became extremely irritated as whenone looks at welding without special glasses.

When he relit his headlights, Mr. Delavet noted the disappearance of the machine which was to measure one meter in diameter. Mr. Delavet appeared totally serious, the newspaper added.


4216: 1954/10/19 23:50 10 2:44:00 E 45:39:00 N 3333 WEU FRN PDD 7:7


Ref#217 Jean SIDER: Le DOSSIER 1954 (2 vol.) Page No. 115 : FOREST

[Ref. djn1:] DONALD JOHNSON:

October 19

1954 - At 11:50 p.m. a disc or orb-shaped object was seen at ground level in some woods in Laqueuille, Puy-de-Dome, France. It was seen by two witnesses from a truck, and reportedly had an 'arc-welder' glare.(Source: Jean Sider, Dossier 1954 et l'Imposture Rationaliste, p. 115).

[Ref. uda1:] "UFODNA" WEBSITE:

The website indicates that on 19 October 1954 at 23:50 in Laqueuille, France, there was a disc or orb at ground level in woods, seen by two from a truck. "Had 'arc-welder' glare. An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One disc was observed by two witnesses in a forest for ten minutes."

The source is indicated as Hatch, Larry, *U* computer database, Author, Redwood City, 2002.

[Ref. nip1:] "THE NICAP WEBSITE":

*Oct. 19, 1954 - At 11:50 p.m. a disc or orb-shaped object was seen at ground level in some woods in Laqueuille, Puy-de-Dome, France. It was seen by two witnesses from a truck, and reportedly had an 'arc-welder' glare.(Source: Jean Sider, Dossier 1954 et l'Imposture Rationaliste, p. 115).



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