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The 1954 French flap:

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1954, Longues-sur-Mer, Calvados:

Reference for this case: 54-Longues-sur-Mer.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


In 2019, the website Les Histoires de l'Histoire - Creully sur Seulles, about the local history of Creully-sur-Seulles, published a page on alleged apparitions of "Martians" in Calvados, in the region of Creully-sur-Seulles.

It showed a 1954 press clipping without references, which reported that there had been a "false alarm" in Longues-sur-Mer.




1954 - Beings from another world landed in Creully (Creully sur Seulles). Martians?

The Thursday morning in question the weather was very dark and the sky studded with stars; the day was slow to dawn.

At the back of his courtyard, a Creully resident was closing the door of his cellar from which he had just filled a bucket of coal, the needs of the day for his stove.

Suddenly he was startled by a bright light that seemed to come from the nearby garden. He put down his bucket and walked fearlessly but slowly towards the garden gate.

Indeed, a dazzling light was shining in the middle of the garden; it did not move. He took a few steps when a metallic shape advanced in the middle of the luminescent ball. Was it a Martian? For several weeks, similar facts had taken place in the sky of Normandy as in Bayeux. Could Le Bessin also be a subject of study for beings from elsewhere?

Our Creully man was not afraid, but to a certain degree; he backtracked and went home, route de Tierceville, forgetting his bucket of coal.

After telling his wife, who didn't believe him, he had to leave for work to do his morning.

But at noon, before going to get his lunch, he returned to his garden and was greatly surprised; in place of the great, dazzling light was a circle of ashes.

Thus a noise will go around in the town of Creully... Martians from who knows where had chosen the Norman village to visit our world.

This new intrusion of the Martians made, not only the tour of the locality, but also that of the region.

People even went to collect the precious mark of the visit of beings from Mars by collecting in pots ashes left by the mysterious craft.

The local press and the gendarmerie set out on the war (of the stars) path.

So as not to stand out, Creully has, it seems, received a visit from a "Martian" who came aboard a flying saucer... About this event, a witty reader sent to a newspaper from Caen (Liberté) an amusing apropos here:

One fine morning,
A good Martian
(Hallucinating vision),
Before the breaking dawn,
In Creully.
From a flying saucer
- Oh ! How dazzling!-
He went out to the banks of the Seulles.
He seemed to say, "Finally, alone,
I see you, I hold you!"
Probably this Martian
Did he want, in his basket,
Abduct a Beauty,
Then dive into the sky
For her honeymoon?
"Witnesses" of the scene
(We can guess their embarrassment!)
Tried, it is said, to contact
The enigmatic stranger.
But in a luminous cloud,
The mysterious machine
Headed straight for the skies…
On the sidewalk,
Like in the laundry,
Tongues loosen
In many comments.
Oh! No one had seen anything...
But some had heard...!
In this good country of cheese,
Beauties who dreamed of marriage,
If you are tired of Life...
See up there: "Forward... Mars!"

[Newspaper clipping on the left:]

The "series" of
flying saucers
carry on in the sky
of the Bessin

After the discovery of the fake Longues-sur-Mer "alert" and the recent joke (of questionable taste) that occurred in the charming site of Creully, we echo information, at first sight, much more serious. Here are the facts:

Mr. Talvast, fishmonger in Saint-Martin-des-Entrées, was circulating on Saturday evening around 9:30 p.m., on the Nationale 13 at the height of Mosles, when his attention was attracted by an object having the shape of a luminous sphere.

The craft - which left behind a bluish trail - clearly resembled, in its upper part, a cupola. The saucer - if it is this means of transport in use in another world - seemed to move above the avenue leading to the castle of Etréham.

We leave it to the reader to conclude. However as the good faith of Mr. Talvast cannot be doubted, it seems that a new chapter - local - of the voluminous - national - file of the saucers is being written.

[Newspaper clipping at the bottom:]


(Chronicle continued 4th page)

Yesterday, a rumor spread as far as Bayeux of the landing of a Martian (assuming there are any) in Creully.

Information taken from a very good source, the truth is much more banal. The employee of a merchant in the country just disguised. And this merry fellow went to visit a comrade who could not believe his eyes to see a being from another world. His astonishment was heightened when he heard the "Martian" speaking to him in French and, what is more, in the Norman patois.

The listener-spectator began to be really frightened when the "Martian" took off his disguise and resumed his true appearance:

- Don't be afraid, he said, I'm such and such, your friend. Do you recognize me?

- Sure, replied the other - relieved. But it does not matter, pranks of this taste should be avoided.

It didn't take much for many people to be moved in Bayeux.

But without profit...



Negative case, explanation unknown.


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Longues-sur-Mer, Calvados, negative case


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