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The 1954 French flap:

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Unknown date, 1954, 1954, unknown place, unknown department:

Reference for this case: 54-af.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


[Ref. pmi1:] PAUL MISRAKI:

The author indicates that in 1954 the crew of an Air France plane described a flying saucer as an object "lit of a pale light, not blinding, a little similar to that of neon."

[Ref. pmi2:] PAUL MISRAKI:

Ce tenant d'une thèse dite "parapsychologique" à propos des OVNIS, qui seraient "des signes dans le ciel" produits par des puissances supérieurs éventuellemet extraterretres selon lui, dans un tableu de comparaison, estime que objet vu à Arras est à mettre en rapport avec celui des "apparitions" de Fatima:

(extracts form the officially recorded reports).
Testimonies describing flying sucers
(taken from the books of Aimé Michel and Donald Keyhoe).
I heard people compare it to a matt silver disc; but this image did not seem exact to me, because it was a lighter, active and rich color like the orient of a pearl. The object was lit with a pale, non-blinding light, somewhat similar to that of neon.
(The crew of an Air Frence aircraft, 1954.))


Not necessarily in France. Possible meteor.


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Air France, luminous, neon


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