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The 1954 French flap:

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September 17, 1954, Igney, Vosges:

Reference for this case: 17-Sep-54-Igney.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


An article about "visitors from the sky" in Lorraine by François Moulin in Est Magazine for December 30, 2007, mentions a story that the author sais he found in the regional newspaper L'Est Républicain:

On September 17, 1954, one Paul C., "brave inhabitant of Igney", in the Vosges, would have found himself face to face with a strange being that he would have identified as a being from space. The being was allegedly two meters in size and wore "a kind of polar bear skin."


[Ref. eme1:] "EST MAGAZINE":

Lorraine - The visitors from the sky

From the autumn 1954 on, the skies of our areas were the theatre of strange demonstrations. Invaders came from space...


In the East of France, the first testimony of encounter with aliens is dated from September 17, 1954. That day, Paul C., an honest resident of Igney, in the Vosges, finds himself nose to nose with a strange figure that he identifies as a being who came from space. "Measuring two meters and carrying a kind of skin of polar bear", reported the Est Républicain at the time.



September 17 1954.


Paul C encountered a 2m tall being dressed in what looked like a polar bear's hide. The being claimed to come from outer space.

P Gross 1954. citing Franc [sic] Moulin in Est Magazine 30 December 2007 citing an unspecified issue of L'Est Republicain

Evaluation - Another press joke?

Note: the late British "skeptical" ufologist Peter Rogerson provided no link to my page and silenced by own explanation, as if it was his only.



Not only did I find no trace of this story in the ufology literature, but I found no trace of it either in any article of the 1954 L'Est Républicain newspaper, which does not seem to have invented such stories (I mean that witnesses that this newspaper quoted certainly invented stories sometines, but I found no proven invention by this newspaper itself). But I obviously did not go through all the articles in this newspaper myself.

It may have been an invention of this newspaper all the same, who knows, maybe before or after 1954, or an invention of the article of Est Magazine.


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Igney, Vosges, being, tall, fur, occupant


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