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The 1954 French flap:

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October 14, 1954, Annecy, Haute-Savoie:

Reference for this case: 14-Oct-54-Annecy.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



GREPI, a Swiss ufology group ( kindly forwarded this article to me.

In the sky of Genova

Yesterday, around 06 P.M., many people observed a luminous point similar to a sheet of metal glinting in the sunlight, which moved on the side of the Jura to the direction of the other end of the lake. Many people believed to see in this phenomenon one of these famous "flying saucers" about which one speaks so much currently. Therefore the newspapers and the Observatory received a number of telephone calls. It was actually a splendid meteor, as it was affirmed to us at the Observatory on the basis of the observations in Cointrin.

The phenomenon occurred at 18 hours 10. It was observed from Cointrin, in particular in the south-east.

Other witnesses, who were in Châtelaine, stated to us to have seen a ball of fire which was prolongated by a sort of luminous tail, not very long, above Salève, slipping by in the direction of the lake. The meteor followed a downward curve and disappeared at the horizon at the end of a few seconds.

Of course, this phenomenon was the subject of all the conversations, yesterday evening in Geneva; therefore we are happy to be able to reassure our readers as for its nature, eventhough, maybe, we disappoint the most imaginative among them.

The meteor which was observed yesterday is what one calls an igneous meteor, i.e. a meteor accompanied by combustion, in opposition to a simple visual phenomenon, such as a rainbow.


ANNECY, 15 (C.P.) -- Several people saw, yesterday, at 18:10, a luminous celestial phenomenon above the mountain of Veyrier. Much of them believed that it was a flying saucer, of which certain French newspapers enterntain their readers day in day out. But this time, the phenomenon could be checked and it was concluded, as we tell above, than this was simply a meteor.



Negative case. The 06:13 p.m. meteor.


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