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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO, USA, 1936:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Winnipeg Free Press, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on June 8, 1936.


Uncle Ray's corner

Legend says that missouri people are hard to convince, and Missouri has been called the "show Me" state, but Mr. R. M. of St. louis writes that he's almost sure he saw an airship of some kind from another planet, three and a half years ago.

"On the afternoon of Dec. 8, 1932," he says, I was driving east when I saw something in the sky. It was blue-white, like an electric arc, and travelling south. As I watched, the light went on and off three times. Then I saw what seemed to be the side of a huge airplane fuselage, but bigger than any airplane we know.

"Still later, I saw what looked like a huge red-hot object, about four times the size of the full moon. This disappeared, and then I saw the front end of it go straight up. There seemed to be four windows across the bow of the object. It was going up and away from the earth, but was making a left turn. The last I saw, the light was turning southeast.

"My personal opinion is that we were having some visitors from out in space. Several issues of the paper after that date had letters from people who said they had seen a meteor thatafternoon. It was also seen up in Iowa. I did not write anything about it at the time because I thought what I saw would sound like a dream.

"I think there are people on other planets who are smarter than we are, and they might find a way to visit our earth. Coming from cold outer space into the air around the earth, may have been too much of a strain on them. If they landed, it was probably in some part of southern Illinois."

It may be that what Mr. R. M. saw was a daylight meteor. Thousands of meteors strike the earth's air in the daytime as well as at night, but usually the sun's light is bright enough to keep them from being seen during the day.

The "four windows" might have been parts of a meteor, for sometimes a large meteor splits into pieces. There may have been a mistake about seeing the object going upwards - in the excitement of the moment it may have seemed to be doing that, though it wasn't.

Another possible thing is that the object was an airship, which reflected the sun's rays very brightly. Unless we had far more proof, it would be better to suppose it was an airship f the earth than one from another planet.

The day may come when rockets of some kind will pass between the planets, but that has not come yet - so far as we know.

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