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UFOs in the daily Press:

Martians in France, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Paris-Presse, Paris, France, page 5, le 15 octobre 1954.


Near Toulouse, in a meadow

A "Martian" deposits
two printed sheets
in Annamese dialect

THE German professor Oberth, rocket specialist, affirms that Martians or Uranides are "plants endowed with reason". It's possible. But if their appearances multiply, it is humans who will lose their heads.

Mr. Olivier, a former aviation pilot, attended, yesterday evening, he said, the landing of a saucer, in a vacant lot, near his home, rue des Sontaines, in Toulouse.

- It was a spherical, reddish colored object. It came out of it a sort of diver, small, with a very large head and huge eyes.

"I saw him like that," he added, drawing the mysterious visitor with chalk on his door. He was shining like glass...

"I did not believe in it, specifies Mr. Perano, who accompanied Mr. Olivier, but I saw it like I see you..."

After a minute, the diver returned to his saucer which took off vertically without noise and quickly disappeared.

It is a few kilometers from Toulouse, too, in Léguevin, that a mechanic, Mr. Jean Marcy, saw, in a meadow, a luminous disc, orange yellow in color, which took off on its approach.

At the place where it had landed, he discovered, on the grass... two sheets of glossy paper, which he gave to the gendarmerie. The two sheets are written in KuocNu, an Annamite dialect. We read the words of Vietminh, Vietnam, Prince Buu Loc. It also talks about an arrival in Marseille on January 12, 1954. The two sheets paginated 9-10 and 59-60 looked not to have stayed on the grass for long. A translator will examine them more closely.

"Look, but don't touch"

This is all very strange. Much stranger than the appearance, near Châteaubriant (Loire-Inferieure) of a Martian with a soft, full gray hat, descended from a phosphorescent cigar in front of little Gilbert Lelay (13 years old) to whom he reportedly told in French: "Look, but don't touch..." According to the child, he held in his hand "a ball which launched purple fires" and climbed back into his machine, slamming the door. In the past, those under the age of fifteen were content to see fairies or ghosts.

But in Montluçon, an employee of the station who is well over the age of belief in fairy tales, says that he saw a metallic object placed a short distance from a diesel tank intended for the supply of railcars. Next to the torpedo-shaped craft, which could be four meters long, was a man covered in hair. Unless he was wearing a rather long coat. Mr. Laugère, surprised, asked him what he was doing. The stranger replied in unintelligible terms, but the railwayman seemed to distinguish the words "diesel", however.

Mr. Laugère did not want to listen to more. While he was going to get his comrades, the craft took off and disappeared.

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