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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Quarouble alleged saucer landing, France 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Libre Artois, Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France, page 4, on September 14, 1954.

See the case file.


Did a flying saucer
land in Quarouble?

A resident claims to have seen the craft at 6 meters and to have been grazed
by 2 of its occupants, small stocky and helmeted beings

A new flying saucer descended from the sky. It reportedly occurred in the night from Friday to Saturday on the territory of Quarouble, at P. N. 79 on the railway track operated by the National Coal Mines.

Mr. Marius Dewilde, 34, claims to have seen the object within six meters. Better still, two of the occupants of the saucer, surprised when they had descended to the ground, grazed it, he said, in their race to join the craft, which, as usual, left no trace.

"It was 10:30 p.m., said Mr. Dewilde, my wife was in bed, I was reading by the fireside, when my attention was drawn to my dog's barking. The beast was howling to death. Believing in the presence of a prowler in my backyard, I went out with a flashlight. From my enclosure, in the night less than six meters from the door of my house, I saw a dark mass. First I believed that it was a harvest cart. My dog ??crawled towards me. At that time I turned my gaze to a small path leading into a pasture. I saw two men, little ones, who were running towards the P.N. Immediately I thought of smugglers bending under their load. They sometimes take this path but the two beings in a hurry almost brushed against me. I pointed the beam of my flashlight. The ray was reflected on the head of one of them like on glass. The head seemed rather large to me, but I did not have the time to detail. At the same time the door of the apparatus opened. A bright glare dazzled me like a flash of magnesium. Blinded, paralyzed by fear, I saw the door close, the craft oscillate slightly, rise to ten meters, then go away like lightning in the direction of Anzin, that is to say to the West."

Mr. Dewilde invited to describe the saucer, also indicated that it was round, perhaps conical.

According to these indications, it was estimated that it could have measured approximately 3 meters in height and 6 meters in diameter. As it rose, it let out a little smoke and reddened until it looked like a ball of fire.

When he had recovered, Mr. Dewilde went to wake up his wife, the neighbor, ran to the gendarmerie then to the police station of Onnaing, where he arrived around midnight. Commissioner Grouchet found before him a man trembling with all his limbs, suffering from intestinal contractions which ruled out the hypothesis of comedy.

Mr. Dewilde had been afraid, he says, afraid of the stocky and helmeted little beings, also afraid of the lightning that occurred when they opened the door of the saucer.

His demeanor indicated that one was not dealing with a simulator.

The Quarouble resident is also known for a skeptic, a tough guy, his friends say. And he's smart.

Before concluding, it may be useful to locate the place where the saucer came to land.

P. N. 79 is in the fields, at least two kilometers from the village. The house of Mr. and Mrs. Dewilde is isolated in the middle of fields and groves. In front of the door passes the railway track on which the craft landed, which if we believe the witness, almost brushed against the barrier of the small courtyard.

Let's add that the day before yesterday the air police came to inspect the place. No trace was found. It was only observed that a piece of ballast had been freshly shod. On the path taken by the little men, no footprint remained.

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