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UFOs in the daily Press:

Saucers in France and Germany, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Populaire du Centre, of Limoges, France, page 3, on October 12, 1954.


Near Munster, four "Martians" repaired their "flying saucer"

A cinema operator observes them for 10 minutes

Munster (Westphalia). 11 August (A.O.P.). - Mr. Hoge, a film operator in his trade, told DPA that he saw four men leaving a flying saucer near Munster on Saturday night.

These men, about 1 m 20 tall, have a highly developed thorax and a large head. On the other hand, their lower limbs are small and lean.

Mr. Hoge was returning home when he saw a blue light in a field sixty meters off the road. He thought it was a crashed plane and then he realized that the brightness came from an object with a cigar shape. Four men, in rubber suit, worked under the machine. None of them uttered a word.

Hoge watched them work for 10 minutes, without getting closer, because he was afraid. Finally the four men, using a sort of ladder, returned into the cigar, which, a few meters after taking off, took the form of a saucer throwing a dazzling light.

A mechanic from the S.N.C.F. of Limoges surprised by a luminous object

Sunday evening October 3, around 7:10 p.m., train driver Clavaud André, from the Limoges depot, was driving the train 1547, which leaves Ussel around 6 p.m. On his trip, between the stations of La Celle-Corrèze and Plainartigue, between km 445 and 444, at the end of a curve at 70 km-h, he was suddenly surprised to arrive on a large luminous circumference of about 100 meters in diameter.

In his surprise and his emotion, he slowed down his convoy by a violent stroke of the brake, which enabled him to better observe this phenomenon, he extinguished his headlights and was completely dazzled by the power of this pink light beam and as he approached, the circumference moved slowly on the right, overlooking a deserted hill where only heather grows and where he was able to distinguish the few fir trees existing in this country, as if they had been in crystal so powerful these rays were, and when he reached the place of this phenomenon all went off and disappeared leaving a trail of white smoke rising towards the sky.

According to collected information, several residents of the area also saw it.

Ball of fire in the Corrèze

We have mentioned that a ball of fire had been seen from the heights of the road to Eyburie in the direction of Espartignac.

Today we must point out that another ball of fire similar to those seen everywhere was seen Sunday evening October 10 by many residents of Uzerche in the direction of Saint-Ybard.

The phenomenon has been observed of the heights of La Pomme, as well as the terraces of the street of Justice (west side), between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. approximately.

The ball of fire seemed to oscillate up and down and then disappear after a lateral movement. It was wrapped in a glowing halo. This "apparition" is discussed at length in our walls.

Saucer or not saucer the residents of Uzerchois were not the victims of a collective hallucination in several districts at the same time.

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