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UFOs in the daily Press:

Flying saucers in the 1954 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, on October 12, 1954.


Four mysterious beings
were repairing a "cigar"
a German "witness" says

A movie projectionist of Munster, Mr. Willi Hoge, declared that, going back home in the suburbs of Munster, Saturday after midday, he saw in a field at about fifty meters of the road, a rather sharp blue gleam. Believing initially that it was a broken plane, he approached a few meters and then saw a machine having the shape of a cigar and immobilized in the air at approximately 1 m 50 from the ground.

Under the craft, surrounded by a bluish gleam, the movie projectionist distinguished four "men" whose size was approximately 1 m. 20. These beings had, according to him, a rather broad chest, a head proportionally too large for their bodies and thin legs. Mr. Hoge specified that they wore a kind of combination whose fabric resembled rubber.

Not daring to approach more, the witness restricted himself to observe the whereabouts of the occupants of the craft. After ten minutes, the crew went up on board using a kind of ladder, and the craft rose quickly almost vertically, taking, after a few seconds of rise, the shape of a brilliant disc.

Mr. Willi Hoge finally claimed to have tried that very evening to cause an investigation, but he added that no police officer had agreed to go to the site to check his statements.

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