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UFOs in the daily Press:

Saucer landings, France, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Lorrain, France, on October 9, 1954.


A large shell pierced with portholes

REIMS (from our correspondent). -- It was a mechanic from the Panhard factory in Reims, Mr. Joseph Roy, 30, who would have had the advantage of seeing a machine a few meters from the road from Reims to Rethel, on a side road.

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, as he rode on a motorcycle, he suddenly saw a bright, reddish gleam before him, which suddenly disappeared.

Arrived at the spot where he had seen this gleam, he noticed in the fields a strange object, 3 meters long, in the shape of a large shell pierced with portholes at the front.

He distinguished, on the other hand, a vague silhouette. But frightened, he fled. Three other workers had seen the same light in the same place.

The "saucer" was on the road

FORBACH (From our correspondant) . -- Thursday evening, AT ABOUT 07:20 P.M., while returning from his round of distribution, the driver of the Coca-Cola company, Mr. Bou Charles, aged 30, resident of Stiring-Wendel, 21 rue Nationale, was after the crossing of Rosbruck on the National Road N.3, at the entry of Morsbach when suddenly, his attention was caught by a machine being on this road. Mr. Bou, astonished, believed in a road accident and stopped his truck within a few meters of the machine. At this point in time he realized, while getting out of his vehicle, that it was a circular machine of a diameter of 9 m and a 4 m height approximately (more than 2 times size of a normal man), which was lit by several beams of lights directed towards the ground. Ahving approached and being within a few meters of this odd apparatus, Mr. Bou saw the machine suddenly taking off vertically and rising at 10 meters approximately in the air, to then move in the direction of Morsbach.

All this scene occurred in the timeframe of a few seconds in front of the amazed driver. Mr. Bou, still under the blow of the emotion, took again his road and went to his owner, to whom he described the scene, and went to refer about it to the gendarmerie. Captain Bohler, informed, went with Mr. Bou on the location, but could not detect any trace on the roadway. He lengthily questioned the driver, who declared to him that the saucer had the shape of a giant plate, of blue color. He did not see an opening nor any occupant. The machine, while taking off, did not make any noise, no air volume was displaced and there was no change of color. At the time of the appearance it rained, and Mr. Bou declares that when the apparatus rose and disappeared it had an excessive speed, which cannot even be compared to that of a jet airplane.

The most astonishing of the case is that Mr. Bou, visiting a customer a few moments before, in Merlebach, declared to this one that he does not believe in these flying saucers stories. He was thus all the more frightened when seeing this machine.

The driver that we saw during his interrogation by Captain Bohler, appears to be of good faith and was still under the blow of a visible emotion yesterday morning.

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