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UFOs in the daily Press:

The French saucers chronicle in L'Ardennais for October 8, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Ardennais, France, on October 8, 1954.

The Chronicle of the Saucers

If one were to draw conclusions from the saucer appearances that have been multiplying for some time, at least one would appear with obviousness: the "Uranids" seem to ignore taylorization!

Of all the nacelles used by them that landed on Earth in the sight of various witnesses, not one is like the others. Some are mounted on crutches, others

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The chronicle of the 'flying saucers'

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do not have a landing gear. Their shape varies, from the pot to the cigar, through the traditional saucer, and their diameter is never the same, ranging from 1 m 50 to 12 and 15 meters.

As for the occupants of these pods, they are often very different in appearance: covered with hair say some, tiny, very tall, similar to humaans. Enough to get lost!

Here is a new list of appearances that will once again show our readers the diversity of interstellar craft and the multiplicity of faces of their passengers.

PERIGUEUX. -- A farmer from Chaleix (Dordogne), Mr. Garreau, said on his honor, to have seen a "flying soup bowl" land on his property. Mr. Garreau stated that two perfectly normal men, dressed in khaki suits, came down, shook hands with him and spoke an unknown language. Mr. Garreau, stupefied, did not answer. The two men stroked his dog and climbed back into their craft, which flew away noiselessly at a vertiginous pace. At the place indicated by Mr. Garreau, it was found that the grass had been trampled.

LA ROCHELLE. -- A mason living on the island of Ré, Mr. Simmonetti, said he saw a luminous sphere some 12 meters in diameter that oscillated about 50 meters from the ground.

The sphere, he said, turned red, turned blue and rose very quickly vertically. Two other residents of the Island of Ré claimed to have witnessed the same phenomenon.

Two Parisians on holidays in the commune of Mouchamps, Mr. and Mrs. Laroche, have said they saw, at dusk, an incandescent sphere.

DIJON. -- Mrs. Thérèse Fourneret, 23-year-old, living in Poncey-sur-Lignon (Côte d'Or), saw, Monday evening, a craft land in a meadow not far from her home. She said that, scared, she had been careful not to observe this phenomenon any longer and had taken refuge at neighbors'. The gendarmerie revealed very clear marks on the ground at the indicated place. Clods of grass had been torn off and thrown on a radius of four meters.

ROUEN. -- Mr. Landrin, a water officer at Duclair (Seine-Inférieure), who was walking in the company of his wife, was blinded by a beam of light. When he opened his eyes, he said, he saw a ball that disappeared minutes later.

CHAUMONT. -- Mr. André Narcy, 48, roadmender in Mertrud (Haute-Marne) was going Wednesday morning to work on a motorcycle when near Voillecomte, at 7:15 a.m., when he noticed in a field at the place called "la Vieille Tuile", an orange object. As he approached, he found that he was in the presence of a craft unkown to him.

The roadmender stopped his machine, and by foot came a hundred yards from the object. It was then that he saw near it a small creature about 1m20 tall, dressed in a fur coat covered with hair.

Mr. Narcy was very frightened and lay down on the ground, then he called the individual. The latter, after turning to him, rushed into his machine that flew away vertically to get lost in the clouds.

According to Mr. Narcy, the craft was spherical in shape, about 10 meters in diameter. Under the sphere was a sort of spindle and the porthole through which the being entered the craft was just between the spindle and the body of the craft. At the departure of the latter, a kind of flame came out of the spindle while a large vaporous swirl occurred under the machine.

Mr. Narcy immediately went to work where he told his adventure to his comrades. With two of them, MM. Riel and Henry, he returned to the place where he found that the dew no longer existed on a certain surface.

The grass had a slightly milky hue and was crushed on a square about three meters apart. In addition, twelve parallel tracks resembling round footprints were spread out over a distance, suggesting that the apparatus had landed with a series of jolts.

Finally saucers, cigars, disks, crowns, balls, glows, luminous trails of various colors and all other flying objects were seen in Saint-Etienne, in several villages of Eure-et-Loir, in Heyrieux (Isère), Dieulanvollon (Côte du Nord), in Ajort (Calvados) and in Biarritz.

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