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The 1954 French flap:

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October 3, 1954, Heyrieux, Isère:

Reference number for this case: 3-Oct-54-Heyrieux. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



This newspaper simply mentioned on October 8, 1954 that flying saucers, cigars, crowns and all other objects were seen, indicating Heyrieux in Isère as one of the places.


This newspaper simply mentioned on October 11, 1954 that flying saucers, cigars, crowns and all other objects were seen, indicating Heyrieux in Isère as one of the places.


The two authors indicate that the newspaper "Le Dauphiné Libéré" for October 7, 1954, published this article:

At 9 p.m., Mr. Paul Cerf, aged 53, farmer, assistant of the Mayor of Heyrieux had his attention drawn by an "object" which rose behind the hill of the Mas, which overhangs the municipal stadium of Heyrieux. He saw being formed a "large orange section", he claimed to us, like 3 or 4 times the full moon, it was of orange color.

The form which reflected on its top only one white clearness had exactly the shape of a section of an orange and moved slowly from West to East. At the end of ten minutes, the orange section thinned on top to grow bigger in its lower part and to take the shape of a pear. One moment later, the form was divided in 3 sections and disappeared from the left to the right as if a curtain had been drawn in front of this vision.

Barthel and Brucker comment that "a bit of investigation and reasoning" shows that the object was the moon playing with the clouds and giving the illusion of a object changing shape.


On october 3, 194, the deputy mayor of the town of Heyrieux, Mr. Cerf, saw a "section of orange" with a size like three or four times that of the moon and of an orange color, with "on top, only a white clearness." That came from behind the hill of Le Mas (the Farmhouse) which overhangs the sports field of Heyrieux. They say the source is "an article in the Press".

[Ref. sa1:] PIER LUIGI SANI:

This Italian ufologist wrote an article to refute the claims by ufologists Gérard Barthel and Jacques Brucker in their book "La Grande Peur Martienne" on the French wave of 1954, and provides examples of what he denounces as fraudulent or unjustified explanations they gave for cases, such as:

7. Cerf Case

Sighting of an object shaped "like a segment of an orange" which then assumed the form of a "pear", and finally split into three parts, which vanished, as though behind a curtain. Explanation by B. and B.:

"Only a minimum of rationality is required to know that it was the Moon, seen through clouds”.


Godelieve van Overmeire indicates that in 1954, on October 3 in France in Heyrieux (Isère), Mr. Cerf saw forming, coming from behind the hill of the farmhouse which overhangs the stadium, a large orange section like three or four times the moon and of an orange color. With only a white clearness above.

The source is indicated as M. Figuet / J.L. RUCHON: "Ovni, Premier dossier complet..." Alain Lefeuvre pub. 1979, p. 115.

[Ref. lc1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in Isère in Heyrieux on October 3, 1954 at an unknown hour, the witness, deputy mayor of Heyrieux, sees appearing, coming from behind the hill from the Farmhouse which overhangs the stadium of Heyrieux, a "section of orange" like three or four times the moon and of an orange color, with only one white clearness on top of it.

Luc Chastan indicates that the source is "Ovni, Premier dossier complet... by Figuet M./ Ruchon J.L. ** Alain Lefeuvre pub. 1979".

[Ref. ud1:] "UFODNA" WEBSITE:

The website only says: "3 October 1954 : Heyrieux, France".

The sources are indicated as Vallee, Jacques, Computerized Catalog (N = 3073); Hatch, Larry, *U* computer database, Author, Redwood City, 2002.

[Ref. ub1:] "UFO-DATENBANK":

Case Nr. New case Nr. Investigator Date of observation Zip Place of observation Country of observation Hour of observation Classification Comments Identification
19541003 03.10.1954 Heyrieux France


Not looked for yet. Could be the red moon behind moving clouds. The witness does not say anything of a flying saucer.


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Heyrieux, Isère, deputy, mayor, Cerf, orange, large, white, luminous


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