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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Bourgogne Républicaine, of Dijon, France, page 4, on September 30, 1954.

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Near Les Rousses

Two children stone
a "flying saucer"
which had arisen
in the farmyard

Les Rousses. -- Did two "Martians" on a spree, Monday evening, get supplies on the high Jura plateaus, or get a sample of the terrestrial animal species?

We could suppose so by listening to the story of two young children from the village of Prémanon who allegedly found themselves, they say, in the presence of a mysterious silver craft, Monday evening, in the middle of the courtyard of the father's farm.

It was around half past eight. It was raining like loads of buckets! The young Raymond Romand, 12, came out hearing the dog yapping. It was then that he saw it. 2 meters high with a metallic appearance, it shone in the light of the lamps on the farm, about ten meters from the building.

Frightened, the kid returned inside. But curiosity was the strongest. He came out. In the meantime, the apparatus had moved slightly. The child threw stones at him, then, emboldened, approached.

At this moment, the object set in motion, and the breath brought down young Raymond who, terrified this time, fled to his bedroom.

His younger sister, Jeannine, aged 9, had also seen the craft.

"We saw ghosts last night", said the kids the next day at school, because they had never heard of "saucers." But their words were reported to the gendarmes who opened an investigation.

"The thing was on three legs," said young Raymond. And indeed, at the place indicated by him, the gendarmes noted vague traces. But it has been raining for 36 hours, and these are very indistinct.

What credit to attach to this strange tale. "The truth comes out of children's mouths," one sometimes says. Is this so?

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