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UFOs in the daily Press:

Close encounters reports in France, 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper France Soir, Paris, France, on October 14, 1954.


Three "little beings" in an electric saucer

NEVERS, October 13 ("France-Soir" newsbrief). Two merchants from Clamecy, Mr. Louis Vigneron and Henri Gallois, who were traveling yesterday morning at about six o'clock in their van to the Cordigny fair, saw in a field about fifty yards from the road, a machine of cylindrical shape of a rather large diameter.

At the same moment, the engine of the van stopped and the headlights turned off.

"I was," said Mr. Gallois, "breathless. My body covered with electric shocks. I was able to distinguish very clearly the machine that resembled a saucer.

"I saw, around the machine, three people of small size who seemed to me to be human, and we were immobilized inside the car and unable to move. It was only after the craft had taken off with tremendous speed that we were able to resume our travel."

Mr. Vigneron confirmed the statements of his companion as well as a third witness, Mr. Henri Chameau, cartwright in La Carte, commune of Clamecy.

Car stopped by the passage of a reddish ball

SAINT-ETIENNE, October 12 ("France-Soir" newsbrief). - Two residents of Geugnon, Mrrs. Jeannot and Garnier, who were returning home by car, were, on Sunday evening, witnesses of an unexplanable phenomenon.

Suddenly, their vehicle was overfloen by a kind of reddish ball that passed like a lightning. The engine of the car stopped and they were deprived of light. Moments later, as the light faded on the horizon, the headlights of the car functioned again and the engine began to roar again.

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