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UFOs in the daily Press:

French saucers in 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, le 3 octobre 1954.


The "meteor" of Sweden was not a robot-weapon... but a jet airplane

Stockholm. -- The "Bjuv meteor", photographed in the night of Monday to Tuesday by a resident of that city, was only a jet plane, the Swedish military headquarters estimated by examining the photograph of the craft. However, professor Bertil Lindblad, attached to the Lund observatory, after enlarging, had believed to detect a robot-weapon.

Based on the direction taken by the object, one had thought that it could come from Eastern Germany where, according to certain information, the Russians would currently carry out rockets experiments.

Still the saucers

In addition, the "flying saucers" continue to be reported in the four corners of the sky of France. There is not a single day without witnesses in good faith see "mysterious machines" with weird shapes, and slipping by at great pace in an impressive silence.

Near Perpignan, several vintagers stated to have seen in the sky a brilliant object having the shape of a saucer. After having moving at the vertical while leaving a white trail, the apparatus disappeared in the clouds.

Two people stated to have seen a luminous craft in the night of Thursday to Friday, in Rixheim (Haut-Rhin). Using binoculars, they noted that it had the shape of a long cigar. A dozen small cigars surrounded it. A railwayman on night duty night stated to have observed the same phenomenon.

Two residents of the commune of Foussignargues, close to Bessèges, saw in a meadow, near their house, in the night from Sunday to Monday, a sharp red luminous machine surrounded by vertical stems.

in Pau, Thursday, many people saw in the sky, at very high altitude, a mysterious machine having the shape of a long and shining balloon. The machine came from the south and moved towards the North-West.

Lastly, Mr. Raymond Deloire, aged 20, farm labourer in Langeron (the Nievre), who circulated the other night with a bicycle on the road of Saint-Pierre-le-Moutier, saw in the sky a mysterious object of half-spherical shape emitting with a sharp orange gleam at its front. Flames spouted out of the back. The craft moved without noise at a great speed in the direction of the North-East.

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