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UFOs in the daily Press:

French flying saucers in 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Est Républicain, France, on September 22, 1954.


After the "saucers" the "flying cigars"

Their "passage" reported in Rome, in the Allier and the Puy de Dôme

The "passage" of mysterious "flying cigars" is reported in Italy and France. Friday, in Rome, several thousands people observed the strange phenomenon. The "craft" moved above the city at an altitude evaluated as 10.000 meters, then descended much lower, leaving a trail of smoke behind.

In France, a resident of Moulins who was, Sunday, in Rongères, small commune in the Allier, saw a similar craft in the sky.

In addition, several residents of Clermont stated to have seen, above the Puy-de-Dôme, a luminous "machine" fly, of very lengthened oval form seeming to move rather slowly towards the North-East.

Four people in particular affirmed to have observed the "machine" during two minutes before it disappeared by taking altitude. All the witnesses are affirmative: no noise was heard. It could not be a plane.

Many explanations are advanced which, for the majority, do not deserve to get any attention. Let's report however that, according to Italian scientists, the "flying cigar" would not be a celestial body, but an aircraft of a type unknown so far.

Invasion of "balls of fire" in Holland

In Holland, it is an invasion of "balls of fire" which invades the journalistic chronicle.

Our fellows report that the 194 residents of the small village of Zuidlaardevereen, in Groninguen, have been hit by collective insomnia for a week, fearing to be the next victims of an invasion of balls of fire which, according to the assertions of one of the farmers of the village, M. Va[n] Der Veen, occurred in his own home.

Mr. Van Der Veen was chatting, the other evening, in the closed bed, in Brittany fashion, he shares with Mrs. Van der Veen, when he noticed that a small ball of the size of a marble, emitting a yellow gleam and surrounded by a black circle, floated above the bed.

As he tried to catch it, the ball started to grow bigger and disappeared.

A few moments later, under the horrified eyes at Mrs. Van Der Veen, about fifteen small balls were formed and started to roll under the covers. The couple jumped off the bed and, while Mr. Van Der Veen made an effort with a shaking hand, to light an oil lamp, the balls rose and merged in a long ribbon, which, while twisting itself, circle around the room room to disappear at the time even when the lamp ignited.

The adventure of Mr. Van Der Veen, supported by the credit of his solid personality, met few skeptics in his village.

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