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The UFO phenomenon in the daily Press:

United Nations hears case for UFOs:

October 15, 1978, article of the New York Times relating to the interest for the UFO phenomenon at the UN.

Dr. James McDonald in 1965 and Dr. J. Allen Hynek formerly blue book consultant, in 1978, both firmly convinced in the reality of UFOs, in the importance of the question in terms of scientific problem, and the probable extra-terrestrial origin of UFOs, have in effect managed to address the UN. In both occasions, plans were made, and then forgotten, mostly because none of the large nations members of the UN had any desire to see this matter progress. The time has yet to come when politicians on Earth pay attention to the UFO phenomenon.

United Nations Hears Case For UFO's

For the second time in two years, the Prime Minister of the West Indies island of Grenada, Sir Eric Gairy, is campaigning to get the UN to set up an agency to "collate, coordinate and corroborate information" on UFO's.

In 1977, Gairy succeeded in getting UFO's on the General Assembly's agenda which resulted in an agreement that any country with information or ideas on the subject could send them to UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim; however, in the year since Waldheim has made no public mention of co-operation from member nations.

Earlier this week, Gairy was at the UN making his case again: "We've passed the stage now whether or not these things exist. I think it is accepted that these things do exist. I think we now want to know the nature, the origin and the intent of these saucers. Some people think they have come to do good. Some think they have come to dominate human beings."

He cited reported that aircraft have been put out of commission, but not destroyed, after attacking saucers. "That confirms my thought on their positive intent. I believe they are coming here to help mankind because man is so self-destructive...

It would be very conceited for man to think that he is the most intelligent of God's creatures. "Sir Eric says he has seen two UFO's in the last three years; the second time earlier this year from a hotel room in Grenada. "The time is going to come when everybody on Earth will have to pay attention to the UFO phenomenon."

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