The Great Falls, Montana UFO Color Film August 15, 1950:

"Show us UFO footage," say the skeptics. Well, here is one. "Videos can be faked," added the skeptics. Sure enough, but this is not about a PC video but about a color film of 1950. "These are only birds or planes or meteors," said the skeptics. "No, this is an UNKOWN," the analysts and said Captain Edward Ruppelt of USAF Project Blue Book, after investigating. "Do not show this footage anymore," answered the skeptics of the 1950. "Show us UFO footage," say the modern skeptics.



Do not start to analyze this: it is merely a MPEG compressed file. Analysis have already been performed by experts commanded by USAF, (read about it in this file) those analysis were done on the original photographic movie.

Right click the image underneath and save it on your local hard disk for a comfortable view.

Frame from the video
Location:Great Falls, Montana, USA
Date:August 05, 1950
From:Nick Mariana
Source:TNT TV
Size:583 KB
Length:10 sec


Obviously there is more footage. Here is a "second film" I located. Did I find again the images suppressed by the Air Force?

Right click the image underneath and save it on your local hard disk for a comfortable view.

Frame from the video
Location:Great Falls, Montana, USA
Date:August 05, 1950
From:Nick Mariana
Source:Blue Book
Size:673 KB
Length:11 sec


This file is still a mystery to me and may hold capital information. I am working on it at this time. I can already answer some possible questions:

How I got this video file:

I do not know.

This is how it happened. In 1998, I started to be interested in putting up a web site to demonstrate that UFO photographs are only hoaxes. It did not work out that way at all, I had to change my mind after studying not only photographs but also the cases behind. Anyway, at that time I noticed at my surprise that there also were videos of UFOs or alleged UFOs everywhere on the Internet. I downloaded a lot of them for later study. I was of course totally frustrated by the complete lack of accompanying information with all these videos. In most case, I surfed web site titled something like "UFO videos!", and I found between 3 and 100 videos with useless comments such as "This video is amazing" or "experts have confirmed that this video show a true UFO" or "here is a footage of a UFO made by a reliable witness in the fifties" and so on. In most cases - not all - there were no date, no record, no report, no location, no references, nothing.

This clip was among such web sites. I did not realize what it was until I started this dossier on the Mariana footage.

Why I know this clip has something to do with the Mariana footage:

First, because it is written on it. You can read "Montana - August 15, 1950" on the first line, the second line is much more blurry, it starts with (c), and the rest might be something like "Project Blue Book" or anything of the sort.

Second, because it clearly shows the same sky, same objects, same water tower than the known footage.

What my first impression on the clip is:

This might be an internal Blue Book edited presentation of the Mariana footage. I think there are some close ups, I think the clip seems to contain frames that are missing in the known footage, which would confirm Mariana's claim that the footage was cut by Project Grudge personal before it was returned to him. For example, I am intrigued by the 3 frames showing the objects seemingly stationary filmed seemingly from the base of the water tower. These frames do not seem to be part of the known footage which is essentially a panoramic of the departing objects.

I believe an analysis might be capital to any research on the case, I am starting this analysis, and I would gratefully accept any help or advice. Of course the clip is a bad AVI file with a terribly poor frame rate and very destructive compression. Any better version is welcome.

I think the questions to answer are:

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