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The Great Falls, Montana UFO Color Film August 15, 1950:

"Show us UFO footage," say the skeptics. Well, here is one. "Videos can be faked," added the skeptics. Sure enough, but this is not about a PC video but about a color film of 1950. "These are only birds or planes or meteors," said the skeptics. "No, this is an UNKOWN," the analysts and said Captain Edward Ruppelt of USAF Project Blue Book, after investigating. "Do not show this footage anymore," answered the skeptics of the 1950. "Show us UFO footage," say the modern skeptics.

Table of contents:

Click! The film, introduction.
Click! The original account by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt of USAF's Project Blue Book.
Click! The Kevin Randle comments.
Click! Michael David Hall & Wendy Connors comments.
Click! Analysis by Greene-Rouse.
Click! Analysis by Robert L. Baker.
Click! The Condon Report, case 47.
Click! Montana Film - James R Leming (MUJ 223,10).
Click! November 27, 1957 letter to Keyhoe from AF Press Desk.
Click! On the question of tampering with the 1950 Great Falls UFO film - Barry Greenwood.
Click! Articles from the press.
Click! MPEG movie of the film.
This page Frames from the film (This page).
Click! References.

Frames from the film:

Frame from the movie

Frame ?

Frame from the movie

Frame 8

Frame from the movie

Frame 1

Frame from the movie
Frame 2

Frame from the movie

Frame ? printout

Frame from the Condon Report:

This case is the "Case 47" of the Condon report. The report indicates that one frame of the film is available in the "plates" section, this frame is the one shown at the bottom of the above collection. Here it is again with the original caption.

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