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Close encounters of the 3rd kind:

The Kelly-Hopkinsville case, 1955:

This is information and documentation I collected about a farm family who believed they were attacked by alien beings during the whole night of August 21-22, 1955.

In this file:

Project Blue Book and the Kelly-Hopkinsville case:

Project Blue Book did not officially investigate the case. However, the case was recorded in the Project's files under the case number 10073, here is the official card:

Blue Book card 10073

The reason why Blue Book did not officially investigate the case is given by Captain Ed Ruppelt in his book, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of the United States Air Force Project Blue Book" Chapter 1:

"Next to the "Insufficient Data" file was a file marked "C.P." This meant crackpot. Into this file went all reports from people who had talked with flying saucer crews, who had inspected flying saucers that had landed in the United States, who had ridden in flying saucers, or who were members of flying saucer crews. By Project Blue Book standards, these were not "good" UFO reports either."

This is why, although the file of case does exists, with the conclusion "Unknown" - "Not identified", it does not appear in the official list of the nearly 700 "unexplained" cases. It does not count, because any report where some "beings" or "creature" of non-terrestrial appearance was mentioned was dismissed.

The reason of the dismissal of all encounters of the 3rd kind reports out of any official consideration is a circumstantial, almost "technical" decision and not the proof of a "conspiracy": at that time, for the Blue Book investigators, this kind of event was regarded as "impossible." People of the project thought sincerely, but wrongly, that it was unthinkable that these kind of stories could be anything else than hoaxes or inventions of mentally deranged people. In addition, people at the ATIC were much more interested by reports of "flying machines" including technical information such as speed, appearance, manoeuverability, and less interested by reports lacking this sort of information.

According to Kevin D. Randles, the file of the Kelly-Hopkinsville case is rather thick, mentions that the file has been created for information only and is not official information, and in several Press articles of that time, USAF has denied any interest or action in this case.

A letter of the USAF is evidence that there has been some official interest in the case:


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