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Exobiology news are spread among other news pages in my news section and elsewhere; this page lists those news.

06.09.2017Methyl isocyanate detected in young stars system IRAS 16293-2422.
06.02.2017Curiosity rover science team finds Mars Gale crater lake simultaneously had different conditions favorable for different types of microbes.
05.31.2017Lighter-toned bedrock indicate Mars had liquid water much longer than previously believed..
05.22.2017Aliens at work on Tabby's star?
04.19.2017A "Super-Earth" orbiting a nearby star found.
04.13.2017Molecular hydrogen clue of hydrothermal activity on Enceladus.
04.13.2017Hubble space telescope spots a plume again on Europe.
04.06.2017Atmosphere detected around super-Earth exoplanet.

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This page was last updated on June 9, 2017.