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The Kenneth Arnold sighting, June 24, 1947:

Kenneth Arnold's 1950 pamphlet:

This part of my file about Kenneth Arnold's observation on June 24, 1947, in the USA, is the booklet Arnold wrote, published at his own expense in 1950, and distributed around. It does not tell about his own sighting, it tells of the early days of the flying saucer reports. Arnold can be considered to have been the first ufologist.


Report of the British Association

A group of slowly traveling meteors was observed three minutes. These meteors had a peculiarity. They left no train and described as a seemingly huddled together flock of wild geese. They left no train but moved with the same velocity and grace of regularity.
Page 296 Records of Charles Fort.

I have many Records of Black rains of so-called furnace slag. Lava Rock fell from the sky. Slains, Scotland. Kenneth Arnold. Note (Tacoma affair).

From the Louisville Courier-Journal

July 29 and August 6. 1880. between 6 and 7 o'clock in the evening an object like a man was seen in the sky with some type of machinery attached. which he seemed to be operating with his hands and feet.

Similar objects were reported from St. Louis, Mo.

Page 641 Records of Charles Fort.

Appearance at North Wales, England, August 26, 1894. (Nature S-521) an object seen in the sky was like an elongated Flatfish reported by Admiral Ommanney.
Records of Charles Fort. page 287.

I have many accounts prior to 1900. -- Kenneth Arnold.

I think we are fished for -- Charles Fort.

Notes about this page:

Arnold shows some newspapers clippings here centered on the "Tacoma affair" a.k.a. "Maury Island case."

The case was likely a hoax. The alleged "donut-shaped" saucer - it allegedly had a hole in its middle - was claimed to have let escape "slag" that fell on the ground, was picked up, and allegedly were transported in an Army Air Force plane to McChord Field. But the plane crashed, killing CIC agents Davidson and Brown who were on board. The Army Air Force did not say there were no "disc remnants" on board, they only told they did not know if this was so or not.

Arnold, Davidson and Brown had been involved in the investigation of the Tacoma affair. Arnold himself experiences a crash in his plane, but came out unhurt.

(Many related newspaper articles, with source reference, can be found in my Press section).

The page also gives examples of events found in Charles Fort's books. Fort (1874-1932) wrote books about unexplained phenomena of all sorts, regretting that these were deliberately ignored by scientists. Among those were what one would call "UFO sighting reports" now. Many ufologists later cited Fort, one can see here that Arnold had already found about Fort's work. To be true, Fort had been occasionally mentioned in the Press in 1947 in articles about flying saucers. The "UFOs before Arnold" topic surfaced almost immediately after Arnold had reported his sighting.

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