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UK ufologist gets angry:

UFOs and aircraft near misses:- No Defence significance (?), definitely a safety issue!

Subj: [aufon] UFOs and aircraft safety
Date: 23.06.2001 06:07:25 AM Romance Daylight Time
From: astratech@supanet.com (astratech)

Needless to say, I share this legitimate anger. See the top page of the Air Misses section for more information on this topic, and get frustrated too.

UFOs and aircraft near misses:- No Defence significance (?), definitely a safety issue!

This week I received a telephone call from a witness who observed 60 to 80 bright lighted objects crossing the sky slowly in a North easterly direction, on Tuesday, 19 June (2001), at approximately 18:00 hours (BST).

Some of the objects were flying in clusters, others were in groups of three or five, and some were even on there own. One looked like it was pulsating red in colour, as if it was getting bigger then shrinking in size.

Another of the objects seemed to suddenly go up vertically, whilst another appeared to take on the shape of a jellyfish (this kind of object has been seen on more than one occasion here in Kent, UK).

And where did this event occur? Right over the city of London! Amongst aircraft coming in and taking off from Heathrow airport etc...

For god sake how many more times is this going to happen before someone gets OFF their bloody backsides and do something!

More and more we are hearing of civilian passenger planes having near misses with UFOs not just in this country but worldwide.

I know of at least two incidents here in the County of Kent. The most well known one occurred on 21 April, 1991, when Alitalia Flight AZ 284 was flying from Milan to London Heathrow. At approximately 20:00 hrs, whilst over the Lydd Army Ranges, they had a near miss with what they described as a brown colured missile looking object. London ATC even monitored the object on radar.

Within days our local MP (former Home Secretary), Michael Howard, the C.A.A. and the Ministry of Defence all stated that the object was a UFO! Now there's a a first. The MOD stating a UFO was in UK airspace. Bull shit! It was not a UFO as they would like to have us believe, but possibly a Target drone of UAV. People here in Kent now it, and we believe we know who was responsible. How ever as we do not have concrete proof we can't name them due to the fact we could get sued.

The other incident occured on 16 September, 1996, when Jerry Anderson (former coordinator of UFOMEK), sighted and videod a white sphere like object over Wingham, Kent. The object was at the same height as passenger jets flying over, and was even filmed going through an aircraft vapour trail. Vapour trails are normally formed at a height of at least 22,500 feet. One part of the sighting he didn't manage to capture on video was when the mystery object flew straight in front on a passenger plane, causing the crew to take avoiding action.

Also I received another telephone call this week from a witness who was videoing aircraft where he lives at Stoke on Trent. When suddenly a white object comes into view, and ascends up to the height of one of the aircraft, and seems to just miss the aircraft. This incident occured back in April, and the reason he has only just approached anyone regarding the footage, is because he didn't who to report it to, and who he could trust with the footage.

I hope to be viewing this footage shortly, and if it does indeed show a UFO in a near miss with an aircarft, then this could be an important piece of footage.

So what is the official line on all this? Well when objects were sighted and filmed over London last year, and reported to the C.A.A. they responded with a deafening quietness!

And if you report any sightings to the Ministry of Defence, they respond with "NO DEFENCE SIGNIFICANCE!" Well maybe not, but it is I maintain a BLOODY SAFETY ISSUE!

So when are the authorities going to get off their backsides and look into it, and stop pissing around in the wind. For Christ sakes lives could be at risk here!

Even if the latest sighting over London on the 19 June, was balloons, they were flying near aircraft, and could have caused an accident.

According to a recent report the C.A.A. state that there at least 30 reports that they know of involving aircraft and UFO sightings. But how many of them were near misses? Even one is to many in my book.

So I urge everyone reading this, to contact you local MP, and demand answers. I believe that if enough of us put pressure on our MPs, bombard the MOD with telephone calls and letters, as well as newspapers, etc. Just perhaps someone may start listening.

If you feel the same way I do, please do let me know. Maybe you don't agree with my comments, again let me know. And if any pilots or any other aircrew should be reading this who know of any incidents, don't you think it's time you spoke out, for the safety of your passengers. Please contact me if you wish.

Finally please accept my sincere apologies, for the strong tone of this article. If I have offended anyone with my outspoken comments, then I apologize.

Chris Rolfe
UFO Monitors East Kent

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