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Observation reports April 2017:

Some of the UFO sighting reports and ufology news in April 2017 are listed on this page. Please note that the sighting reports are seldom investigated, they are often second hand reports.

04.25.2017UFOs in Florida?
04.19.2017A "Super-Earth" orbiting a nearby star found.
04.13.2017Molecular hydrogen clue of hydrothermal activity on Enceladus.
04.13.2017Hubble space telescope spots a plume again on Europe.
04.10.2017Allegation of UFO video in the Arizona desert, USA.
04.06.2017Atmosphere detected around super-Earth exoplanet.
04.01.20171131 alleged UFO sighting reports in Canada in 2016.

UFO Reports in Florida, USA:

Peter Davenport, director of the "National UFO Reporting Center" (NUFORC), says he received a dozen high-quality sighting reports from multiple sites in Florida.

"Three adult witnesses reported seeing a disc-shaped object descend from the clouds above Largo, briefly flying over their home."

"They said the object suddenly returned to the same area of the sky from where it appeared, then disappeared into the clouds."

A first report came from Bradenton where around 08:40 p.m. "three orange lights were observed forming a triangle in the sky" - which makes me think of Chinese lanterns.

There were 11 other reports for about 11 p.m. about "something" that "was traveling in a straight line with fire or sparks", which looks like a meteor or a re-entry of space debris to me. "This lasted for two to three minutes. Another observation was made around 1:47 a.m. in Orlando where "eight balls of spherical light emerged from the clouds."

It lasted three to four minutes when "UFOs of different shapes" moved backwards while descending in a straight line in the sky before stopping and then forming a circle" together.

Eight of the reported sightings occurred during a 15-minute time period between 11:45 p.m. and midnight.

Allegation of UFO video in the Arizona desert, USA:

Several UFO websites report that a one Mauricio Morales published on his Facebook account "remarkable images of UFOs" which "then realized a real buzz on the social networks."

On Facebook, the alleged witness said that on returning to Phoenix, after seeing a green shooting star, he continued driving for a few miles and noticed a small orange light off to his right. After thinking "a meteor could have hit nearby and set fire to the desert," he continued driving for three miles and then noticed that the light had disappeared before reappearing half a mile further on.

He immediately stopped, "tied the camera to a tripod" and filmed orange-red lights floating in the sky. He took photos and videos of these lights for about 15 minutes, then the mysterious objects "disappeared without leaving any traces."

The images are timestamped for April 10, 2017. I do not know why some "UFO" website comment that the images "do not appear to be fakes" whereas nothing allows to exclude this. The lights can be reminiscent of Chinese lanterns, at least if there was no wind since they look almost stationary.

1131 alleged UFO sighting reports in Canada in 2016:

According to "", an annual survey conducted by a ufology group in Winnipeg, 1131 UFO reports were reported in Canada in 2016: 38.5% in Quebec, 26% in Ontario and 17% in British Columbia. The most reported UFO shape in 2016 would have been the mere dot of light (57%). Other reported forms include the triangle (4%), the sphere (9%), the cigar (3%) and the fireball (5%). The classic "flying saucer" was reported only 48 times.

Among the "unknowns" described in the study are "a giant disk-shaped object with projectors" flying over the mountains in North Vancouver, and a boomerang-shaped "cluster of stars" that crossed the sky of St. Thomas, Ontario.

There is also a commercial airplane that allegedly almost hit an "object" during a routine flight over Toronto on November 14, 2016:

"The crew noticed an object in front of them on their flight path. The object appeared to be solid, with a diameter of approximately five to eight feet and the shape of a donut or hollow tube.

"Cabin crew members suffered minor injuries when an avoidance maneuver was performed. Although the object was not a balloon and it was suggested that it was "a drone", it was noted that drones can not fly at this altitude or distance."

The Transportation Safety Board apparently described the incident as a "near collision with an unidentified air object."

Close encounters of the third kind were low in number, including the case of a Cornwall man in the Prince Edward Island who reported that a thin, two-meter white alien with long fingers and dressed in a black coat had spoken to him in his bedroom before leaving by passing through a wall.

A man from Lanaudière said he was transported to a field and immersed in a bathtub, "where he was surrounded by three green humanoid creatures with large eyes that communicated with him by telepathy."

A person from Tecumseh, Ont., reported that an alien had stolen his sunglasses and belt, while an individual from Rimouski made a report merely stating, "They contacted me!"


(No source is given by the website.)

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