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News and observation reports, July 2008:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in July 2008 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

06.28.2008Medias report statements by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell about UFOs and the Roswell incident.
04.07.2008Nocturnal lights or Patrouille de France aerobatic team.


Several Press and TV medias gave this month an information in connection with recent statements by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 mission, in which he says that according to his personal information, US official circles are well aware of contacts with extraterrestrials for 60 years, and well aware that an extraterrestrial spaceship was indeed recovered near Roswell in 1947.

Example by the Daily Mail at:

The statements reported are quite correct, Dr. Michell indeed stated what one says he stated.


It has been decades now that Dr. Mitchell, incidentally born in Roswell, said that, it is nothing new. What sometimes happens, when he repeats that, is that a journalist or host is so awestruck that he believes it is some "new revelations" that he was the first to hear, and as a consquence, it makes media healines. This happened several times already in the recent years, with articles indicating that Dr. Mitchell "has just publicly confirmed Roswell" etc. This is sometimes even interpreted as am " official admission by NASA" etc on certain "UFO websites".

Fundamentaly, the fact that it is actually certain for a long time that Dr. Michell does make these statements is not the same question as whether what he says is true or not.

And on this point, the problem is that his statements, whether are true or false, are unverifiable: he does not give any name, does not give any detail, no documents, etc, he simply states that high rank people he knew told hom so and that he wants to keep their identity secret not to expose them. Well informed people, in the military, intelligence, at NASA, told him that that we do have extraterrestrial visitors, that Roswell was really an alien spaceship crash etc., he says.

This could be true, but what is missing is evidence that he was told so.

More information and sources:

Dr. Mitchell's website:

The "Institute of Noetic Science" web site, Dr Mitchell being at the origin of that institute:

Previous statements with sources by Edgard Mitchell about the Roswell incident on my website here.

Following the rather wide fuss this affair caused, Edgar Mitchell himself specified that it was not exactly "new" revelations:

"Edgar Mitchell, an Apollo 14 astronaut and moonwalker, says his belief in UFOs and aliens being real is nothing new -- contrary to what tabloid reports might imply."

Source: Edgar Mitchell interviewed on video on the Discovery Channel website at:

Finally, in France a report today on I-Télévision, a cable//satellite TV channel, on Dr Edgar Mitchell's recent statements, shows him telling it in an interview, and then explain that proponent ufologists do not back him up.

As illustration, US ufologist Don Berliner is shown on camera, explaining that it has been long now that Dr. Mitchell says these things, that it is no new revelation, and that unfortunately, he never gave any name, never presented any document, and ufologists for a certain time now have learned not to take any statement of this kind at face value when they are not accompanied by evidence.

It was in addition told that NASA asked him to stop accusing them of hiding aliens in their fridges, and that Dr. Mitchell then retracted this in a new interview, changing "NASA is well-informed about Roswell" to a less daring and less contestable "a farmer of Roswell knows." (Mac Brazel, the first to discover and report the famous "debris field").


A video taken in good faith on July 4, 2008 in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt, Vaucluse, France, showing lights in the night sky, is often displayed as a video of UFOS taken on November 16, 2008.

The video most probably shows in fact a night drill of the Patrouille de France, the French Air Force aerobatic team based in Salons of Provence, that regularly performs meneuvers, using special headlights to be very visible, which explains the difficulty of realizing that the lights are: the lights do appear quite large for planes that witnesses do not hear or hardly hear. And of course the maneuvers are unusual for ordinary planes.

such flights of the Patrouille de France regularly generate sightings, sometimes with pictures, that puzzle witnesses.

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