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News and observation reports, September 2006:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in September 2006 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


A luminous phenomenon was observed in North in France on September 26 2006 at 09:30 p.m., by several residents of the area of Landrecies and Marbaix. People initially heard a "very loud noise". According to the Agence France Presse, police officers gathered testimonys: one person described "some sort of flame, of rocket," and a another "a big light."

AFP said they interviewed Nadine Duchesne, of Landrecies, who spoke about a "large orange ball" which emerged from a field then hovered "a few centimetres of the roof of her barn", to then move "extremely slowly towards the house of a neighbor." It "split in two" two or three seconds later, making "a terrible noise" which frightened people and made them think of an earthquake. Miss Duchesne thinks that it was "a meteorite."

Several people are said to have stated that they smelled a "very strong smell of burning, or even sulphur" and to have discovered in the morning of the next day "a whitish substance" on the roads and ways.

According to the police officers, which is said to have reassured the population two days later, this was caused by the overflight of the sector by three fighter planes using post-combustion. The white substance found on the ground is said to be unrelated to the overflights and AFP indicates that the police officers explain it as being "a chemical reaction due to a change of temperature", adding that "in the night, all our reference marks are distorted, distance, feeling."

AFP indicates that the air base of Cambrai confirmed the presence of planes in the area, but specified that "their configuration did not enable them to start the post-combustion." The news was also broadcast on the TF1 TV channel (,,3336058,00-ovni-nord-.html).

Later, the regional newspaper La Voix du Nord added that it was the main witness' husband who found the whitish stuff. the newspaper talks of "a whiteish fibrous dtuff spread in the meadows and paths in the wake of the UFO."


Fermilab is a national laboratory of the USA depending on the Science office of the Department of Energy. Fermilab announces on September 25, 2006, that they managed to observe the quickly changing behavior of the meson B-sub-s, as predicted it the Standard Model, which indeed changes between the state of matter and antimatter. But at the same time, they managed to observed that this change occurs only 2.8 trillion times per second, while the majority of the supersymmetry theories based on the Standard Model predicted a much faster change. The discovery is thus both a confirmation of the Standard Model that physicists know to be both largely correct and not complete, and a manner of discriminating between the several supersymmetry theory variants, the most "popular" variants being the ones that must be abandoned.

Data acquisition was carried out between February 2002 and January 2006 during a period of operation of their colider, the most powerful in the world, baptized "Tevatron Run 2" during which tens of trillions of collisions between protons and antiprotons were recorded. The experiments involved the participation of some 700 physicists of 61 institutions and 13 countries. The results were subjected for publication to the Physical Review Letters.



Giorgio Abraini, Coordinator, CISU case history file project, reports on the last update of the CISU case history file project:

"The number of UFO reports in Italy rose in August: 31 reports are known as at Sep 09th, 2006, vs 27 occurred in July. Still, this number is low compared to previous years. In Monselice (northern Italy), a woman saw a triangular object with coloured lights at close distance; the same witness and a friend saw it again one hour later near Monselice. Due to technical issues, seasonally adjusted data are not available; however it's easy to see that the number of August sightings should be even lower in s.a. terms, due to the positive seasonal effect which takes place in the summer, peaking in August."

"The 2006 grand total rose to 315 reports. The July 2006 total increased from 27 to 35."


CIUFOS-La Pampa reports on September 19, 2006:

Argentina: Mutilated Cow In General Acha

Another Black Aberdeen Angus cow, this time pregnant, was found dead and mutilated at km 17 of Provincial Route No. 152, jurisdiction of General Acha, a locality some 110 km south of Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

The animal was missing its right ear, presented a large incision in the udder and an absence of genitals and anus. Only a large hole measuring some 25 centimeters in diameter was found, with its edges cauterized, and through which 40 centimeters of the dead front legs of its unborn calf protruded.

The animal's death is estimated to have occurred 10 days ago and goes on to form part of the numerous cases reported in the area, which have the aforementioned Pampean locality as their epicenter.

Translation Spanish to English © 2006 S. Corrales, IHU
Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves, CIUFOS-LA PAMPA


According to a report by Mexican researcher Alfonso Salazar, Captain Luis Guillermo Cruz, first officer of a Boeing 737-200, registration XA-MAR, reported a tubular unidentified flying object with a metallic appearance directly over Lake Tequesquitengo in the Mexican state of Morelos.

The sighting occurred on September 16, 2006 at 14:00 during a flight from Huatulco to Mexico City along air corridor L-47. Weather conditions were clear with some clouds.

According to the witness, he was alerted by an intense reflection visible four miles away from the airline, toward the right side of the cabin. At first he thought it could be a glider, but as they approached, he had a clear observation of an unknown object.

He added that the tubular flying object crossed at the same altitude the airliner was flying but in the opposite direction and with a north/south trajectory, remaining a mile and a half distant from the airliner.

The object vanished 4 minutes later.

Translation Sp to En © 2006, S. Corrales, IHU.
Source Ana Luisa Cid,


Quique Mario of CEUFO reports about UFO sightings in La Pampa, Argentina:

"There has been noticeable UFO activity in our region over the past few weeks."

"On Friday at 20:10 hours, there were several witnesses to the vertical descent of a light having the relative size of a soccer ball, ranging in color from white to sky blue. What was most remarkable about was its vertical trajectory. The episode was seen to the west of the city of Santa Rosa, capital of La Pampa Province, Argentinean Patagonia."

"At 20:00 hours we received a report concerning the presence of another object with a size similar to that of an elongated football, swept backward, having the general shape of "a pear", to the southwest of the town of Macachin, some 150 km SE of Santa Rosa. Another resident driving along the road from the Province of Buenos Aires heading into La Pampa also described a phenomenon whose description matched the former."

"Only minutes ago, dozens of witnesses informed me of the transit of two strange objects flying west to east at regular speed, one ahead of the other. Eyewitnesses reported that they resembled "the lights of two cars, one ahead of the other." The observation lasted nearly 3 minutes and suprisingly, the lights "went out."

"In recent weeks, animals have been found mutilated in bizarre fashion in western La Pampa, while the presence of "lights" is reported nearly on a daily basis. The Centro de Estudios UFO will visit the area in order to compile more details and eyewitness accounts."

"We would thank anyone from Argentina having matching details to please advise us in order to establish possible correlations."

Translation Spanish to English © 2006, S. Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Quique Mario, CEUFO.


Johnson City. -- Kim Shaffer, Director of AUFORC reports about sightings on September 11, 2006, "FAA confirmation: A pilot of a regional service airline reported at 10:03, he was just west of Tri Cities Regional Airport when he was nearly struck by a "meteor" while at an altitude of 4500 feet. The pilot stated the "meteor was in level flight and going "slow". Those of us who understand such things realize that meteors do not fly slow and not at 4500 feet. The control tower at "Tri" had also received a few calls concerning a burning aircraft.

Immediately following this event, a witness in Johnson City, Tennessee reported seeing a large dark cigar shaped object hovering near downtown. She described the object as "looking like one of those Vietnam helicopters" (we assume a Chinook), without props. The object, according to the witness, hovered with it's length some 45 degrees tilted up in the rear portion, had a white light top and bottom centrally. It also had a large "spotlight" like illumination on it's front pointing down. She assured the investigator that this was no helicopter she saw and it made absolutely no sound. The object hovered for some time and then sped off quickly to the southeast. Subsequently, at about 22:30, a witness reported hearing a conversation on a scanner in Carter County regarding a flying object between two police officers or Sheriff deputies. There were "chuckles" and a request that this subject be discussed by phone. Carter County 911 has no record of this discussion. We will be following up.

Thanks to Kim Shaffer, Director, AUFORC,


Divers from the "Great Lakes Dive Company" claim via a website ( that they located the missing US Air Force F-89 jet fighter in which Felix Moncla died 500 feet deep in Lake Superior, USA. The jet was sent in pursuit of a radar detected unidentified flying object on November 23, 1953, and disappeared from the radarscope after its target was reached, while the target continued to appear moving on the radar. US Air Force back then claimed it had hit a canadian plane but Canada denied this. Now the "Great Lakes Dive Company" claims to have found not only the jet by sonar but also a strange big disc shaped bump at the bottom of the lake near the jet. They do not disclose the location, claiming that Canada won't authorize any further search unless they reveal where. Another hoax?

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