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News and observation reports, July 2006:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in July 2006 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


La Pampa. -- A witness reported that on July 30, 2006 at 8:05 PM, looking north he saw a strange sphere that suddenly "blazed" in the sky at 45 degrees to his left. "The sky was clear in advance of the tremendous ice storm that fell in early hours of the morning. The sighting lasted only a few seconds; I had barely recovered from the surprise when it repeated once more for another few seconds."

Thanks to Mario Quique, director of the Centro de Estudios UFO (CEUFO) group and Scott Corrales, IHU.


The Canadian UFO research group HBCC reports that on 29 July, 2006, in Seaham, U-K., several firement saw several mysterious lights in the sky.

Three firefighters from the fire station in the small town of Seaham, saw up to six bright orange lights which flew fast and slow in loose formation in the evening sky, which apparently flew over the places of Sunderland and South Shields.

After the six lights had already disappeared, three further lights followed after some minutes. They also moved with various speeds over the sky and could be observed by five firefighters.

In the next days, Paul McKinney, 28, and Emma Henfrey, 30, admitted that they released floating lanterns into the night sky to celebrate a move into their new home in the coastal town of Seaham.


The witness reported on July 16, 2006, that he just saw in Wirral, U-K., for 15 minutes, a "spherical object high in sky travelling slowly at apparently the same altitude to a certain point at which it paused for a few seconds then moved unbelievably fast to another spot high in the sky in a matter of a second and remained static in new posistion for about 10minutes occassionally dissapearing from view for a few seconds at time as if intermittently reflecting light,but always in the same spot. It finally dissapeared from view without moving away!"

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC,


The witness reported from Leesburg: "A friend and I witnessed about 5 to 6 bright orange lights above a tree line on July 13, 2006, at 10:45 PM. The lights flashed from orange to yellow to white, almost like the afterburner of a jet. We could then faintly see the outline of the object, which appeared to be either cigar-like or saucer-like. Upon lighting up after a few seconds, they then converged symmetrically into one object, which seemed to fade away in the distance. About ten seconds later, the object reappeared in the same exact spot, as one bright orange/yellow/white light. Then it just faded away again."

Thanks to the National UFO Reporting Center,


The MOSNEWS russian news agency reports that a local cameraman who visits the shore of the Taganrogskiy Bay regularly, Aleksey Khoroshaylo, was in the Yeysk Spit, a traditional location for weddings in the Krasnodar region of Russia, to film the visit of a newlywed couple, when an unidentified flying object appeared.

He said to the TV: "We came here to film the newlyweds as they drove in. Our driver then says to me: Look, there is a hovercraft. I took my camera, looked at it in a close-up and saw that this could not be a hovercraft because it was too high above the horizon."

He managed to film the phenomenon for 53 seconds, and the tape is said to show a disc-shaped object moving above the sea at a distance of about four kilometers from the shore. Then a flash appears in the center and a point of light separates and moves into the skies along a bow-shaped trajectory.

Mosnews adds that experts have viewed the tape dozens of times trying to compare the object with a ship or a plane. They contacted the military to know if military tests were conducted and have received the answer that no tests had been held in the bay on that day.

Yuriy Stroganov, head of a local TV company, and a member of the international organization MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), carefully examined the video and said that the object itself, its movements, especially those mimicking a falling leaf the shaking from side to side, are internationally known UFO characteristics. He plans to send the video to a U.S. ufologist in hope that he would try to determine the origin of the object.


The witness reports from downtown Los Angeles: "On July 10, 2006, at about 12:30 PM, I was looking out the window from Union Bank Building at dark smoke coming out of a window of a building north of Freeway 110. I saw an object near the bank that I thought was a helicopter, but noticed that it was climbing straight up into the sky with a flame at the bottom as it shot up twirling until it was out of sight. It moved like a rocket being shot into space and was a silver triangular shaped object.

Thanks to the National UFO Reporting Center,

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