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News and observation reports, January 2006:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in January 2006 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


An ESA communiqué, full text - source:

Discovery of new planet similar to Earth

25 january 2006

An international team of astronomers has discovered a planet more similar to Earth than any found to date. This groundbreaking discovery of a new extra solar planet, or exoplanet has been made by scientists searching for Earth-like planets capable of supporting life. The first details of this discovery are made in today's edition of Nature.

Altogether 160 exoplanets have been found since the first was discovered in 1995, but all of them have been very different to those found in our solar system. This new planet, which is only about 5-times as massive as the Earth, is the smallest exoplanet ever found orbiting a star.

Designated OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb, the exoplanet is around 25.000 light years away from the Earth, close to the centre of our own galaxy the Milky Way. It has an orbital period of 10 years and is about three times as far from its parent star as the Earth is from our Sun.

The new planet was found using the 'microlensing' technique, described by the leader of the RoboNet microlensing planet search, Prof. Keith Horne of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, as the "fastest way to find small cool planets down to the mass of the Earth...". If we can deploy robotic telescopes at additional sites in the southern hemisphere we can expect to find several more cool planets every year, which could include the first detection of extra-solar Earths" comments Malcolm Fridlund, study scientist for ESA's Darwin mission.

One of Darwin's telescopes

"This is a very important discovery" says Malcolm Fridlund, study scientist for ESA's Darwin mission. "It is the first planet which is likely to be ‘rocky' i.e. similar to the composition of the Earth, Venus and Mars, as opposed to gas giants of the Jupiter type. Planets of the terrestrial type are of course the ‘holy grail' for those who search for life in the Universe."

"ESA is also involved in the Corot mission to be launched later this year, which will search for planets occulting their parental stars. A planet like OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb found closer to its star would be easy for Corot to pick up and this discovery makes it even more probable. For ESA it also implies that "missions like Darwin will be more likely to succeed in its quest to study true Earth-like planets in detail" explains Fridlund.

Notes for editors

ESA's Darwin is intended to search for Earth-like planet, the most likely places for life to develop. Darwin will survey 1000 of the closest stars, looking for small, rocky planets. Darwin will be a flotilla of four free-flying spacecraft that will search for such Earth-like planets around other stars and analyse their atmospheres for the chemical signature of life.

Corot, due for launch at the end of this year, will be the first mission capable of detecting rocky planets, several times larger than Earth, around nearby stars (planets outside our Solar System are referred to as ‘exoplanets'). Corot is led by the French space agency CNES. ESA joined the mission in October 2000 by agreeing to provide the optics for the telescope and to test the payload. As a result of the collaboration, scientists from ESA's Member States will be given access to the satellite's data.


The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
January 27, 2006

Source: Planeta UFO and APF Digital
Date: January 27, 2006

El Salvador: Police Chief & 17 officers claim having faced strange light

A strange event is under investigation by the police. The deputy chief of the San Salvador police force and 17 of his men were witnesses to what still has not been given a rational explanation - they allegedly came across a powerful silent radiation that enveloped them for several minutes.

AFP DIGITAL - In the early hours of Tuesday morning, police cruisers came across a powerful silent light that lit them up and vanished after several minutes without a trace.

The deputy chief of the San Salvador police, Amir Methey Doret, told Uno that "we experienced the curious event when we were returning from a police operation in the rural area north of our Department."

"That's where all 18 of us witnessed a light in the sky that glowed with great intensity. It amazed us that the light seemed to be aimed toward one side," he added. "That powerful light wasn't a floodlight, with which I am well acquainted, nor was it any other device or aerial optics. I do not think it was a helicopter or airplane either."

After a few minutes of exposure, explained the senior officer, "the silent light began to rise to a considerable height and velocity, until it suddenly vanished, leaving a significant glow or white cloud that began to dissipate like smoke."

"The light, which we could see from a considerable distance, was moving sideways (sic) and was suddenly gone, leaving a cloud behind."

When asked if it could have originated from an aircraft, Methey Doret said pointblank: "I don't think so, because at first we thought it might be an aerostate, but we later realized this wasn't the case, as the light was so strong."

"As the hours go by, those of us who were there wonder what crossed our path," reflected the deputy police chief.

Later on, he reported that "the police cruisers continued running and at no point were communications between the units ever interrupted."

Finally, the deputy chief remarked that other residents of San Salvador saw the strange light headed toward the Villaguay region.


Oakfield. -- GUFOG Associates was contacted by Peter Davenport the NUFORC Director a retired military veteran currently holding a substantial position with a large internationally known organization had witnessed a UFO at about 4:30 AM, on January 17, 2006, while driving on Highway 300 in Worth County Georgia . The witness observed an object almost overhead, and it appeared so strange that he stopped to get a better view. The object moved away and he describes an upside down teardrop with a red and blue lights on the sides near the top. The object moved toward an adjacent stand of trees, being about 250 feet in altitude. Object disappeared behind the trees after three minutes. GUFOG associate John Bodin in nearby Wray Georgia was given the preliminary data. This writer has contacted the Worth County Sheriff, the two local airports and the Albany USMC Base Provost Marshal, all having had NO similar reports to come into their offices.

Thanks to Tom Sheets/GUFOG and George Filer, FilersFiles.


ITHACA -- The witness writes: "I was turning out the lights on January 16, 2006, and heading for bed at 10:45 PM, when a large glimmering object caught my eye outside my second story picture window. Looking through the bare tree limbs, I saw a pale yellow, stationary strobing group of lights just above the hills. The colors were very low above the hills. I quickly retrieved my Olympus C-740 Zoom digital camera from my office. The object was still not moving when I returned and seemed to be of incredible size, like two 747 jets placed together nose to tail. How was it possible that an object this large could stay in the sky, was my first thought. I placed the lens right up against the glass so as not to get any reflection and took three shots. That is, when the object began to move very slowly towards the North heading over Cuyuga Lake."

"Then, what happened next was way out of the ordinary for me. I was so excited to be having this experience but had the overwhelming desire to go to bed, NOW. I did not even brush my teeth which I have done religiously for over 45 years. The next morning the camera was sitting on the entertainment console so I immediately took it into my office to download whatever I had captured. Out of the three pictures, the first one showed all the lights. The other two were totally dark."

Thanks to Brian Vike,


The witness reports: "I was getting out of my car on January 10, 2006, in the morning, around 2:00 am, and I noticed two bright orange dots that appeared the size of a star, but I had never seen stars that were like this orange, let alone just one. One looked higher than the other. I stood outside looking straight at those two bright orange dots for about 5-7 minutes and I started to see that the lower orange dot started moving up a little and to the right, then it went back to the left and went down a bit after that. Eventually, the bottom orange dot went completely out of sight, but the top orange dot stayed in the same place the entire time."

Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC.


Planeta UFO and El Once Digital report on January 2, 2006, that Silvia Perez Simondini, UFO researcher from the city of Victoria, Argentina, and a local resident, claimed that strange beings left their footprints and traces at a swimming pool.

"By means of a public complaint, the owner of a weekend home located on the outskirts of Victoria claimed to have found that the swimming pool had been drained almost by half in a matter of hours, and that several strange footprints could be seen inside it, resembling those of a palmiped creature."

Silvia Perez Simondini said that certain footprints could be seen within the pool, aside from prints similar to those of a palmiped, which were intact in spite of the water's movement, leading to the belief that an unknown artifact had landed there.

Her daughter entered the pool to check whether her own feet would leave similar marks and verified that her own vanished almost immediately. Perez Simondini argued that this was due to "the energy of the beings that entered the pool."

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