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News and observation reports, August 2006:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in August 2006 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


SPRINGBANK AIRPORT, Calgary, Alberta. -- A pilot reported: "As I taxied my aircraft, a Cessna 172, to the hold line of runway 25 on August 26, 2006, at 9:05 p.m., I was cleared for take-off to remain in the traffic pattern for training, and maneuvering aircraft in and out of an airport. I observed my intended flight path to note an object that originally resembled an airship, which from my perspective would have been over or very near the town of Cochrane. The object was "egg" shaped, and appeared to be dark grey or black in colour, however most of this was as a result of being against the background of the sunset. I inquired with the Tower Controller if there was indeed an aircraft working over Cochrane, or in that direction to which I was advised "no"."

"I then observed the object appear to change to a circular shape, and rapidly back to it's original "egg" shape. I reported this to the Tower Controller and remained in my position at the end of Runway 25. At this time, I observed the object move easterly and stop in a very defined motion. The object again altered shape, and moved upwards slowly. My report continued to Air Traffic Control and it was advised to me that there was nothing on Radar. Another Cessna 172 aircraft transiting the Control Zone advised that the same object (or one of similar description) was observed over the Control Tower 5 to 10 minutes earlier with "no lights, no sound". My commercial flight instructor was in a Piper Arrow behind my aircraft and observed this object and copied all of our radio transmissions. I was still cleared for take-off and advised that once at circuit altitude (1000 feet above ground level) I would give further information. At this time the object moved west, stopped, and continued east bound, when it disappeared. The dark grey/black object was the size of my fingernail and was observed for four minutes by three witnesses."

Thanks to the Alberta UFO Study Group (AUFOSG)


The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, September 11, 2006
Source: Planeta UFO
Date: September 10, 2006

ARGENTINA: CE-1 and CE-2 in Santa Rosa
A report from Salvatore Valentin Carta

Santa Rosa - La Pampa - Argentina: Northeastern sector of the aforementioned city and its outskirts.

On Saturday, August 26, 2006, Mrs. "O" had just finished watering her back yard. She estimates the time as somewhere between 19:50 and 20:10 because night was falling "without the sun being visible". It was then that something drew her attention.

It was a "dark red" object with the appearance of a plow disc (60 cm in diameter) with lights around it, but the lights "were not solid, and it looked like each of them was a small spiral" - this term was accompanied by an association with a fly-swatter. Technically speaking, it was a vortex.

The object remained static between a three-line barbed wire fence used as a separation between another neighboring house and behind a brick oven, almost along the same visual plane.

"That thing there" seemed odd to her but she didn't give it much importance, getting back into her house because "it was starting to get cold." The next day she noticed that the soil was drier than normal and with a more solid consistency. I have ascertained that the barbed wire is darkened or covered by something resemble oxide; it is high resistance galvanized wire measuring 3mm thick and was put up a year ago.

The two dogs did not bark on this occasion. Upon visiting her farm, a "fairy ring" was clearly visible on the property, measuring 2.50m in diameter. Mrs. O was startled, as she hadn't stopped to think about it.

She also indicated that five days before this event, on Monday, August 21, at 21:00 hours, as she brought in her husband's bicycle (he had just come in from work and gone straight to bed), she saw a light to the northwest that she described as "a very large bottle shooting fire outward" (plasma ionization?). The neighborhood dogs were quite alarmed. The object was near a construction site two blocks distant from her point of view. These are the last three city blocks in that area of Santa Rosa. In the morning she looked into the matter because she thought it could be people engaged in some activity, but found the grass as though burned and very dry with regard to the surrounding vegetation. Her information was corroborated when I visited the site she pointed out.

Special thanks to Salvatore Valentin Carta and Planeta UFO
Translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU


George Filer reports from Surf City, New Jersey, USA: "I was sitting in a Gazebo overlooking the Atlantic Ocean writing these files when two neighbors came up excitedly to report they saw a UFO land to the north at 2 AM, last night on August 6, 2006. At first, they thought the object was fireworks exploding from a ship out in the Atlantic, but the object flew across the sky from south to north descending rapidly and moving closer and appeared to land on the beach or in shallow water less than a mile away. It had multiple colored lights mostly bright orange and appeared to be shiny metal. They indicated a similar object was sighted the night before and many people who live along the ocean have been discussing the sighting. These ladies have extensive real estate holdings and are unlikely to exaggerate their sighting."

Thanks to George Filer, Filer's Filer #32 August 9, 2006,


The witness reports from Hocking, Ohio, USA: "We've had some odd things going on in the last three weeks, including seeing a light resembling a star that would hover and then zip away. At 9:40 PM, on August 2, 2006, a dark ultra blue object was seen. I noticed some bright lights out of my peripheral vision; a couple of yellow lights would wink out, followed by a red light, like a super bright star. It would flash, then get brighter than any aircraft light, spin rapidly then dim out swiftly until it disappeared. My husband only had time to see the end flash of the red light. Then, the yellow lights and a red spinning light started to wink on all in a row. They came on one at a time in a clock-wise direction perhaps two per second and appeared to be part of a disk-like object, about the size of a nickel held at arm's length. We saw more of the bottom-side than the top-side of the disk flying not too far above the hills. The lights then blinked off in a clock-wise direction! If you can imagine holding a nickel at arm's length and putting little lights around the rim, that's pretty close to what I saw."

Thanks to MUFON CMS and George Filer, Filer's Filer #32 August 9, 2006,


The witness reports from Tarrant, Texas, USA: "My 16 year old daughter and her friend were sitting outside on the patio on August 1, 2006, the weather was hot and the sky was clear. They noticed a flash that lit up the sky like lightning at 11:30 PM. When they looked up they saw a large deep blue sphere dropping from high in the sky down behind the house. It had a blue, green, white glow or halo around it. They couldn't tell if it was 1/2 a mile or 100 miles away. It was the size of a marble from where they sat. It was moving very fast. It did not make a sound. I asked if it had been an exploding transformer or a light falling from the nearby football stadium and they said it started high in the air. They thought it was an airplane but it was too large and it was a deep blue sphere."

Thanks to George Filer, Filer's Filer #32 August 9, 2006,


The witness reports from Bethpage: "My Mother and my two children were in our back yard at 8 PM, on August 1, 2006. I was in the pool with my two girls and my Mom was sitting on a lawn chair when I spotted a circular disk shaped object about 1000 feet in the air. It did not make a sound and was traveling 70 to 100 mph toward the east. At first I thought it was a balloon, but it was traveling horizontal across the sky. I watched for about two minutes and spotted another one over our head. This one was a disk or spherical object that was silver or metallic and appeared to be spinning. It was traveling around the same speed. I got out of the pool and stood on my picnic table to watch them and they simply vanished. If I wasn't in the pool floating on my back I probably would not have seen them."

Thanks to MUFON CMS and George Filer, Filer's Filer #32 August 9, 2006,


The witness reported from Pittsfield USA: "I saw a very long craft moving through space at around 12:15 AM, on August 1, 2006. It had two lights one on each end that could be seen. The craft blocked the light of distant stars as it flew between closer ones or at least this is how it appeared to me. As this ship neared the constellation Scutum there was a bright flash of light and the object moved directly toward where the flash appeared. It seemed as if the flash had created a hole and the craft seemed to travel into it. This sighting lasted about five minutes, as it moved from north to south."

Thanks to MUFON CMS and George Filer, Filer's Filer #32 August 9, 2006,

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