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The 1954 French flap:

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Summer, 1954, Mallièvre, Vendée:

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A reader of the magazine who subscribed for 22 years, Jacques Drochon, told about three observations which he had never revealed before, on of which leaves him "without understanding " as for the attitude he had.

The first is in the summer of 1954, he is certain of the date because it is the year when they lived in Mallièvre in the Vendée. He was 5 years old and it is a memory which remains in his mind and which he thinks is a factor that prompted his interest in UFOs when he was in his teens.

He accompanied his mother who washed her linen in Sèvre Nantaise, a river which crosses the borough. He remembers that day very well, the weather was beautiful, without cloud. He splashed in the water to play a small mill between two stones as kids that age do, then his glance was attracted abovehead though he does not know why.

Just above his head at its vertical, there was a silent gray metal disc which did not move, and which was probably at several hundreds of meters, of a size which was half of that of the moon.

He called his mother to show him his discovery, she looked at it about ten seconds and answered that it was probably a balloon or a blimp and she went back to her washing without attaching the least importance to it.

The reader says that he must have been frustrated with the answer since he never forgot, when he talked to his mother again about it as a teenager, she did not remember it anymore. The reader says that he "always knew it was not a dirigible" and that the main image he remembers is that of this motionless disc above their heads.


Not looked for yet. Probable balloon.


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Mallièvre, Vendée, Jacques Drochon, child, round, high, motionless, silent, metallic, balloon, blimp


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