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The 1954 French flap:

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Beg. October 1954, Ancelpont, Lozère:

Reference for this case: Beg-Oct-54-Ancelpont.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Le Provençal for October 6, 1954, reported, among other sightings, via their press correspondent in Nîmes, that Mr. Lucien Villedieu, gunman at the E.S.A.A. in Nîmes, on duty leave in his native village of Ancelpont on the commune of Saint-Symphorien in the Lozère department, wnt outside on his doorstep at about 11 p.m., and had seen in the sky, towards Chambon-le-Château, a "ball of fire" moving at a very fast pace.

The newspaper said that "the mysterious craft" was flaming with green, orange-red colors, and was producing "a rather loud purr sound."

Mr. Villedieu said the observation lasted only a few seconds, and then the sky of Lozère was dark again.




BALLS OF FIRE on several departments

Lyon (A.F.P.).

Several people stated to have seen in the area of Epinac-les-Mines (the Saone-et-Loire) a kind of large luminous ball evolving slowly in an weird manner in the sky.

Motorists, puzzled, stopped on the road, and could observe this ball during several minutes before seeing it suddenly disappeared in the direction of le Creusot.

A similar phenomenon was observed in the Ain and the North of the department of the Rhone towards the pass of Echarmeaux, as well as in the Isère, close to Morestel. Some establish a link between these observations and that of the Lyons journalist announced Monday.

In the Lozère

Nîmes (C.P.).

In permission in his native village, Ancelpont, community of Saint-Symphorien (Lozere), Mr. Lucien Villedieu, gunner with the E.S.A.A. in Nimes, going outside at approximately 11 p.m., on the step of its door, saw in the sky, towards Chambon-le-Château, a " ball of fire " which moved at a rather fast pace. The mysterious machine launched flames of green, red orange color and produced a quite accentuated humming.

The vision, according to Mr. Villedieu, lasted only a few seconds, then the sky of the Lozère was in the darkness again.



Obvious description of a meteor.

Ancelpoint is a hamlet at 44° 49'55 North, 3° 37'52" East. Chambon-le-Château, direction of the observation, is north-east of Ancelpont.


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