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The 1954 French flap:

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End September 1954, Prouvy, Nord:

Reference number for this case: End-Sep-54-Prouvy. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.



The ufologist indicates that he made the investigation by hearing the testimony at the end of the 1974 of an observation having taken place some fifteen days after the Quarouble case, therefore approximately at the end of September, in Prouvy in the department of Nord.

In this period, one morning of a working week day, at exactly 01:45 a.m., Mr. Roger Leroy was at his work in a factory of Prouvy close to Valenciennes, when his attention was drawn by an intense white light that illuminated the windows and the neighborhoods outside.

He called his nearest colleague, Auguste Lemaire, and they came out together on an external platform, from where they discovered an extremely luminous object, white, surmounted of a kind of dome, less luminous, the whole seemed to be at about fifty meters, very close to the ground but without being posed.

The thing was of oval shape and of a size evaluated as about fifteen meters, it emitted an almost unbearable light in the form of a field of white sparks. The dome of the object had a more reduced size than the rest, of approximately 2 meters, and had a glare comparable to that of a lamp of opal.

Dark silhouettes, moving, were seen.

At the end of 30 seconds, the object departed fast quickly while releasing, in its bottom on the left, an important white luminous trail, and "at a vertiginous speed, it disappears in the clear night", going up towards the right of the witnesses with a slope of approximately 45° in direction of the east-south-east, towards Maing.

Although they had been outside and in the silence of the night, the witnesses did not hear any sound.

The witnesses did not make an official statement, and did not report it to the Press. Mr. Leroy specified to Jean-Marie Bigorne that a few days later, the local press published the report of a rather similar observation, made very early the same morning, in Lourches, within ten kilometers of Prouvy, but the author did not find the article.


DATE: end September 1954

PLACE: Prouvy nord


REFERENCES: LDLN 371 page 11, investigation by J.M. Bigorne, testimony collected in Septembre 1974, tghus 20 years after the event.


About a fortnight after the affair in Quarouble (September 10, 1954), one morning in the week, at exactly 1:45 am, Mr. Roger Leroy, at his work in a Prouvy factory (near Valenciennes), sees his attention attracted by an intense white light that illuminates the windows and the exterior surroundings. He calls Auguste Lemaire, his closest colleague, and they go out together on an outside platform. They then discover an extremely luminous object, white, surmounted by a kind of less illuminated dome. The whole seems to be relatively close, at about fifty meters, and is very close to the ground, without being posed there.

The thing is of oval shape, a size estimated at about fifteen meters. It emits a light that is difficult to bear: a field of white sparks. The dome, about 2 meters (relatively small size compared to the rest) has a brightness comparable to that of an opal lamp. There are dark silhouettes that move...

At the end of thirty seconds, the object starts quickly, emitting, at the bottom left, a large white light trail. At a dizzying speed, it disappears into the clear night, rising to the right of the witnesses (with a slope of about 45 °), in a direction east-southeast towards Maing...

Although outside, in the silence of the night, the witnesses heard no sound.

There was no official report or statement to the press. M. Leroy pointed out that a few days later the local press published a similar observation made very early in the morning at Lourches (about ten kilometers from Prouvy). The article could not be found.


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