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October 6, 1954, Barcelonnette, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence:

Reference for this case: 6-Oct-54-Barcelonnette.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


In an article of the regional newspaper Le Méridional for October 7, 1954, one learns via their correspondent of press in Barcelonnette, that during the day of Tuesday, so on October 6, 1954, four residents of Barcelonnette, all of whom were well known and esteemed in the locality, had seen at 11:15 a.m. a mysterious metallic object, shining in the sun, in the region between the upper part of the Gaudissart forest and under the "Chapeau de Gendarme."

This "craft", "very curious, disappeared later, in the afternoon, as mysteriously as it came," added the newspaper.





In La Rochelle, M. and Mrs. Guillemoteau were in front of their farm when they saw within one meter approximately from the ground, a spherical saucer that might have measured 2 to 3 meters in height and a diameter of 5 meters. The machine which did not produce any noise stopped a few minutes, then went up vertically.

Mr. Guillemoteau, the next day, went to the place where she had seen the machine and affirms she noted oily traces on the grass.

A "cigar" observed during nine hours in the sky of Briançon

MONTGENEVRE (C.P.). -- Many people were able to follow Sunday from 09:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. the moves of a "flying cigar".

Observed with the binocular the machine which seemed to station at a very high altitude, disappeared finally behind the ridge of Montbrisson, after nine hours of flight.

The "Martian" of the Finistère had the face covered of hair and the eyes like "a corbel's egg"

QUIMPER. -- Around 4 o'clock, Tuesday morning, Mr. Pierre Lucas, bakery worker in Loctudy (the Finistère) who was busy drawing water in the court of the bakery, suddenly saw in the night a machine in the shape of a saucer of 2 m. 50 to 3 meters in diameter. He saw come out of it an individual measuring approximately 1 m. 20 who approached him while articulating unintelligibles words.

The bakery workman managed to stay calm and returned to the bakehouse where the unknown followed him.

In the light Mr. Lucas managed to check out the face of the visitor. He had the face covered of hair and the eyes of the size of a corbel's egg.

The young man called his owner but, before the latter had enough time to come down, the nocturnal unknown had disappeared as did his saucer, no trace of which was found.

A beer merchant of Concarneau had, on his side, stated to have seen in the sky, two luminous discs of the form of round tables prolonged of a kind of tail.

One of the discs was motionless while the other moved in the vicinity. The two discs disappeared at the end of ten minutes after having launched a rocket.

Saucers and Martians in Italy

MANTOVA. -- The traffic was stopped during more than one hour in the center of Mantova by groups of people gathered to observe a strange "white object" which, at a high height, was clearly detached on the background of the blue sky.

After having carried out extremely fast maneuvers, the machine, of spherical form - and which according to certain witnesses formed part "of a formation of flying saucers" remained motionless for some time in the sky, before disappearing at the horizon.

In addition, the "Martians" also seem to want to visit Italy. Indeed, a fisherman of Roverbella, province of Mantova, stated to have been approached by a "mysterious individual", dressed in red, which would have spoken "unintelligibles words" to him, and which would have quickly moved away before the fisherman had the time to call his wife.


BARCELONNETTE (C.P.). -- During the day of Tuesday, four people residing in Barcelonnette, extremely known and esteemed in the city, saw at 11:15, a mysterious metallic object, which was shining in the sun, in the area ranging between the higher part of the forest of Gaudissart and below the Chapeau de Gendarme.

This machine, very odd, disappeared later, during the afternoon, as mysteriously as it had come.



Shining, metallic looking, reflecting the sun and remaining visible in the sky from 11:15 a.m. until the afternoon: all this suggests to me that it could have been a balloon.


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