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The 1954 French flap:

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October 31, 1954, Long, Somme:

Reference number for this case: 31-Oct-54-Long. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Le Courrier Picard for November 3, 1954, reported on page 3 that "Sunday", therefore on October 31, 1954, in the evening, Mr. Petit, farmer in Long, went to his fields with a tractor to tow a beet cart.

Near a pasture belonging to Mr. Carpentier, he noticed about 20 meters away a "red ball which suddenly landed on the pasture."

Mr. Petit had the impression that his "eyelids were sticking together". He said that the "craft" was shaped like a haystack. Asked about the dimensions, he said: "Twice a kitchen table."

He had returned to his home, but the "saucer" which would have parked for almost ten minutes, according to the newspaper "then flew away in the direction of Abbeville and was seen by witnesses while flying at a relatively high altitude."




The Courier of the Somme

The truce of the saucers has ended

Mysterious craft
crisscross again
the Picardy sky

A clear lull had succeeded the veritable saucer carousel which, for long weeks, had taken our region for theater. No more saucers. Was it possible?

Despite the surprise of some, the disappointment of others - and it must be said - the cold indifference of many, it was necessary to face the facts. The mysterious craft had completely deserted our cities and our countries. They continued to criss-cross the sky, and if they seemed to abandon us, they appeared in other regions of France, in Spain, in Italy, in Hungary, in Egypt.

In the most curious shapes. The whole range, indeed, passed there. Cigars, "bedroom pots", crescents, stove pipes, pots. One even saw flying plates on the island of Java. Was it, in this particular case, the brutal conclusion of a domestic fight? We do not know. Enough kidding.

That of the saucers in the Picardy sky has lived.

Indeed, they resumed contact. And we are going to devote a column to them again. To the delight of those who despaired...


Sunday evening, Mr. Petit, a long-time farmer, went to his fields with a tractor, to tow a cart of beets.

Near a pasture belonging to Mr. Carpentier, he noticed about twenty meters away, a red ball which suddenly landed on the pasture.

Mr. Petit had the impression that his "eyelids were sticking together", the object, he said, was in the shape of a haystack. Asked about the dimensions, Mr. Petit said: "Twice a kitchen table."

The farmer returned to his home, but the "saucer" which would have been there for almost ten minutes, then flew towards Abbeville and was seen by witnesses, while it was flying at quite a high altitude.


Mr. Paul Granier, former officeware shop director, rue Miraumont, in Amiens, writes to us that driving in the car, on All Saints' Day, on the road leading from Villers-Bretonneux to Amiens, he saw around 4:15 p.m., "for a few minutes, in the sun a gray crown rotating concentrically and projecting around it gleams of different colors."

Two young motorcyclists, according to Mr. Granier, stopped to "contemplate" the phenomenon.


An observation distance of 20 meters is a very sighting; but I nevertheless checked the Moon situation that night.

Indeed the Moon was at 227░ (South-East) and at the very low elevation of 1░ 40' at 8 p.m.; in other words there was at one time that evening a low Moon, setting, perhaps "red" - the "Red Moon" phenomenon, in any case low enough to make a misintepretation of the "landing" type possible.

We can hardly count on the newspaper: their information is obviously incomplete, there is neither hour nor direction and they did not "dig" into the matter at all. The size "like two tables" for example, means nothing: two tables at what distance? Really 20 meters?

So I think it was a possible setting red moon.

I stick to "possible", since the Moon was in the last quarter, that the haystack shape is therefore not very consistent, that the distance of "20 meters" poses a certain problem, and that the effect on the eyelids remains somewhat strange.

As for the "saucer" which "took off" to head for Abbeville (11 km west-northwest), the newspaper fantasized: the witness having left did not see that. And what was seen in Abbeville, about which the newspaper says nothing more than what is in this article of November 3, was probably another sighting.


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