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The 1954 French flap:

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October 26, 1954, Creil, Oise:

Reference for this case: 26-Oct-54-Creil.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


In an article in the regional newspaper L'Oise-Matin for October 29, 1954, on the recent observations of "saucers" and "Martians", we read that several residents of the rue Jean-Jaurès in Creil, in the Oise, had declared to have noticed "Tuesday" - thus on October 26, 1954 - an "abnormal glow" in the sky, in the middle of the afternoon.




False Martian and
saucer in Creil

New craft appearances
in France and Italy

The saucers seem to be becoming increasingly rare in the skies of France, that they desert, if we are to believe the witnesses, for Italy. The reports also allude to two stories of "Martians", one occurring in the Creuse, the second, that of Creil, not being than a prank imagined by a railway worker.

This one had made, using an old oil can and a transparent raincoat, a diving suit, to which he had even added, to make it better, a lamp projecting a green glow.

In the evening, he rushed towards twenty of his comrades who not only were panicked, but also apparently found the source of information which quickly reached the North of France and announcing an invasion of Martians in Creil.

It all ended in a general burst of laughter, even as regards the administration, because the railway worker had carried out this mistification [sic] outside of his working hours.

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However, our region had the visit of one of these craft. This is at least what several residents of the rue Jean-Jaurès in Creil think, who declared to have noticed on Tuesday, an "abnormal glow" in the sky, in the middle of the afternoon.

It is also a "strange white glow" that declared to have seen a truck driver of Tarbes, Mr. Vincent Casamajou, while he was heading, in the morning around 6 a.m., with a load towards Angoulême, in the company of his wife.

Having parked my truck on the side of the road, I saw, as well as my wife, he said, a craft which had just taken off from a meadow, less than 50 meters away. The craft, which was of the shape of a huge cauldron, rose at a very high speed, at an angle of 45°. It left behind a white trail, it disappeared in the clouds.

Mr. Casamajou and his wife claimed that this "cauldron" was as big as a 5-ton truck and flew noiselessly.

The "paralyzing" Martian

For his part, a farmer from the village of Vaureille, Mr. Aimé Bousard, 47, told the gendarmes of Aubusson "the strange encounter" he lived on his return from the village of Alleyrat (Creuse).

At the place called "La Madière", he declared, I saw a shape which was on the side of the road. I stopped to better observe the individual. The latter, who was lowered, rose abruptly, shining two powerful lamps on me, projecting a very dense light blue light. He also had, on each side of his head, a light green colored lamp which emitted much weaker rays than the others. He appeared to be 1.60 m high and at first I thought he was wearing a diving suit.

Suddenly, under the effect of a pressure comparable to a breath I was thrown to the other side of the road where I remained ten minutes without being able to scream or call for help. The light blue lamps remained pointed at me. They finally died out. The being crossed the road and suddenly disappeared. I felt and still feel pain in my legs and right hand.

At the place indicated by the farmer, the gendarmes noticed that the earth had been freshly stirred up. The grass had been pulled up over an area of 70 cm. of diameter. No footsteps were found.

Italian saucers

Three employees of the Modena police headquarters have made statements concerning the appearance of a strange "craft" in the sky of this city.

In Florence, hundreds of people who attended a training session of the local football team, as well as the players of this team claimed that several "imprecise objects", of an absolute white color, crossed the sky in formation moving from north to south. These "objects" included "cigars" and "discs."


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