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The 1954 French flap:

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October 24, 1954, Saint-Etienne, Loire:

Reference number for this case: 24-Oct-54-Saint-Etienne. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Le Nouveau Nord Maritime for October 26, 1954, reported on page 5 that "Sunday" - therefore on October 24, 1954 - according to a hundred people, including several peacekeepers, there had been an observation of a flying saucer which "had only the aspect of a star moving above Saint-Etienne at an altitude of 2 to 300 meters."




The flying saucers

Paris, 25. -- Few saucers on this rainy Sunday, it should actually be pointed out that one of them, according to a hundred people including several peacekeepers, had only the aspect of a star moving above St-Etienne at an altitude of 2 to 300 meters. Another was just an "old saucer" observed on October 12. It is a young mason from Plogastel-St-Germain (Finistère), who witnessed this last phenomenon, but did not speak of it feariing one would scoff at him.

He had seen, in the evening, a kind of luminous swarm, 1.50 meters in diameter, animated in its central part by fins, rising from a field 60 meters from where it was.


Rome, 25. -- The testimonies collected for more than a month concerning the "flying saucers" and flying "cigars" seen in the sky of the peninsula, were the topic of a press release from from the Italian Ministry of Air Forces.

"So far, the statement said, radar sets did not detect any such device, with the exception of planes and sounding balloons, the characteristics of which are known."

"Special instructions were given to the heads of the detection stations to intensify surveillance during the twilight and night hours during which, according to witnesses, the "flying disks" were seen, the press release added.

"As for the documentation on the flying "disks" that the Italian Air Army possesses, it is only, specifies the press release, some testimonies emanating from officers who would have seen these apparatuses above the Tyrrhenian coast, moving in a south-north direction, at a speed greater than 2,000 km per hour."



Totally insufficient information, at least for now.



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