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October 11, 1954, Amiens, Somme:

Reference for this case: 11-Oct-54-Amiens.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Le Courrier Picard for October 13, 1954, reported on page 3 that "Monday" - therefore on October 11, 1954 - in Amiens, residents of the Saveuse road, in broad daylight, were reportedly "dazzled" by a brilliant disc on which the sun was reflected.




and again

More or less, depending on the day, the "saucer" section is always populated. To believe that the Martians work overtime or that the season of organized trips is in full swing at home...

We no longer know what to think!

The pranksters also give themselves a ball and the enigmatic and anonymous phone calls follow one another: "Hello, if you want to see a saucer, go to this place...".

No, it would be too good, and in 90 % of cases, the alerted person does not even bother. He prefers to wait for "Le Courrier Picard" to see if the apparatus in question appears in the harvest of the day.

Let us first mention the "united" testimony of nine workers from the Monsures foundry who, going to start working at 6:30 in the morning, last Friday, saw a disc, illuminated in different colors and which moved as if turning on itself.

At Le Crotoy, Mr. Michel Leroux, farmer and two of his workers, MM. Raoul and Michel Chivot told our correspondent that they noticed Sunday between 8:15 p.m. and 9 p.m., a curious phenomenon.

At first glance, thinking that it was a big star, they grabbed binoculars and were able, for forty minutes, follow the maneuvers of a craft which moved by leaps and turned.

At the same time, between Le Hourdal and the Pointe de Saint-Quentin, they saw another saucer illuminated with blue and orange colors. This last appearance was short-lived.

Monday, in Amiens, residents of the Saveuse road were, in broad daylight "dazzled" by a brilliant disc on which reflected the sun.




For three days we had no news of the flying saucers which had taken the habit - according to the statements of some earthlings - to haunt our Picardy sky.

As of Tuesday, the flying saucers reportedly resumed their activity. And testimonies abound again on the mysterious contraptions. Some fanciful; others less fanciful.

Several workers at a foundry in Monsures saw an orange disc crisscross the sky in the morning, around 6:30 a.m.: the disc even took on different colors and seemed to spin on itself.

In Le Crotoy, a farmer, Mr. Leroux, and his workers, MM. Raoul and Michel Chivot, also noticed, in the evening, a craft that moved in the sky by leaps and seemed to turn over from time to time. The same would also have seen an orange saucer in the direction of Le Hourdel.

Finally, in Amiens, several inhabitants of the road of Sauveuse were dazzled, in broad daylight, by a brilliant disc which reflected the sun with rare intensity and moved across the sky.


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