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Basic indications:

Date writtenAugust 20, 2005
Date receivedAugust 20, 2005
Date publishedMay 16, 2007
Date of sighting2003 and on
Place of sightingFrance, Soulac, Blamont etc.
Original language of reportFrench
Reported usinge-mail
Unreleased informationEmail address
Investigation, additional informationNone
ExplanationNot looked for

The report:

Subject: An important_ message thanks
Date: August 20, 2005
From: [eMail]


>> I ask you to record my testimony on this page please_ as safety measure for mankind_

>> thursday 4 august 2005_

>> july 2003_ geolocalization of extraterrestrials
between soulac sur mer and montalivet_ between 11:30 p.m. and
2:00 a.m._ Le Médoc

>> detection of the presence of extraterrestrials with emission of a paralyzing red_ laser ( absolutely nothing to do with the human technologies of planet earth ) which makes think that when you look at this powerful beam that you see far away in the brushes_ it completely paralyzes your brain_ you are in their power_ at this time_

( but can't we not ask ourselves about whether the extraterrestrials manipulate the humans by using this red luminous beam however in the range of the visible ( but invisible the beam that goes from this red ray to your brain ) but they must not know how to manipulate them all_ all the humans that have gone through mutations_ which results in some humans that detect them faster because they have probably more stealth_ intelligences_ and cognitive ?_ )

>> i was peacefully returnong from a campfire on the beach_ i took mz bike super glad to go home because i had spent a very pleasant human_ evening but on my peaceful way in the night not so dark as some think since the moon was enlightening_ me suddenly i psychically felt on the left side of the way ( like when you feel the presence of a human being opposite you_ ) a presence that was running in the brushes of the moor of which the leaves were agitated_ ( nothing todo with the boars_ ) during the time that i was riding along the way that i took to go to my tent_ and then i do not know why but all of a sudden something inside of me_ propelled me to go faster because i was in danger_ am i under the protection of Nature ???? arrive at my tent_ still this paralyzing red beam_the problem i could not sleep_ but the extraterrestrials were unable to come too close since it is a large camping_ because you don't think they would take such a risk no_

( while typing what i felt for the first time : luminous transparent ray in my hypothesys has been confirmed other humans on the planet earth had this_ too_ )

>> but in any case Nature tells me that i must not go back there _danger

>> september 2004_ geolocalization of extraterrestrials
on the community of blamont (54) La Lorraine_

>> I love this area_ but... one evening i was going out of the house_ it was about three o'clock in the morning_ i felf an urge to do my urging need_ ( urine_for additional explanation ) start to urinate_ and blam on the right_ side what do i see two extraterrestrials_ well then i do not know what happened but i was no linger urinating my body was all blocked_ one who was budy putting some sort of "tube" of 5cm aproximately from which a bluish gleam emanates_while pulsing ( radioactive ??? )_ during this time the other lifted the grass_ to put the tube_ and how they did not detect me before i started to urinate_( note : he did not see me in the beginning_ and must not have been aware that i was there_ but how did he no detect me when i came out of the house_ and why this time lapse_) anyway me I left very fast into my bed_ but not at all reassured in fact_ i did not sleep_ and the problem is that i feel them psychically_

>> december 2004_ geolocalization of the extraterrestrials
in Puy en Velay ( Haute- Loire )(43) 11:30 p.m. and 05:00

>> so that_ night i was peacefully reading a book at 11:30 p.m._ absobed bz the reading of my book_ but all of a sudden i psychically feel a presence behind the shutter of my window_ and then blam behind the wall_ that touch my bed_ i feel again this paralyzing ray ( the one that i reported to zou initially_ ( july 2003 )except that like i told you it is no human technology_ ) that starts to paralyse the lower part of my cerebellum_( this rayon hits into my cerebellum) and intensifies until the rolando chasma ( top of the head )_ and then in addition there was i felt it psychically the three extraterrestrials + 1 others extraterrestrials who were blocking me by using this ray_ which paralyzed my body_ and i did not feel the objects anymore and the terrestrial_ spatial dimension (because by making research via internet all my scientifical hypothesis have been validated ) ( exemple when you touch the cerebellum you touch the equilibrium_and the brain the entire body ) i actually tried to stand up from my bed_ but after i wuickly understood the magnitude of the thing indeed i entirely collapsed on the floor_ but I got a grip in the last moment_ otherwise i would have relly hurt myself_ i was not reassured at all_ i felt weakened by this powerful ray_ which continued still to try to control me_ and i felt a danger_ and the presence of the extraterrestrials more and more_ because when i felt the raz i thus managed this way to localize the others_ who were in the middle of wanting to come inside our house_ the problem everything was locked_and all the neighbours of the block had gone skiing_ i was not reassured_

>> i decided for fear_ to sleep with a member of my family_ but there again Nature told me that i should lock the bedroom door with the key absolutely_that i had no time to loose_ and that it will be necessary to quikly close this door_ and i felt that if i did not close the door the extraterrestrials would reach me_ even during that i was sleeping_

>> i this closed the door_ and slept__ no i did only sleep very little_ problem : the next day morning_ i was very tired_ but i stood up_ i reopen the door with some apprehension_ where are they ?_ and then blam at the moment where i wanted to take the external handle of the door_ i yelled_ with horror_ i told myself that this cannot exist_ it is impossible_ they cannot have entered in this house that was locked_ but how did the extraterretrials do that_ and why saw on the handle of the door_ the genetic inprint that they left_ of black losange-like shapes with a dna that has absolutely no relation with our human genetic imprints_ ( the mutations cannot have existed between us and then : conclusion_ they really do come from another planet ) and the inprint i had to take 90° alcohol to take it off_ moreover the inprint was embossed_ on the metal of the door handle_ ( who says inprints says fingers ) and well after you tell yourself that you are in safety_ well well ... >> problem_ a marking what does it mean ? well when the animals are marking their territories_ it's the same with the extraterrestrials_ so you guess the rest_

>> february mars 2005_ still the same geolocalization
in Puy en Velay ( Haute-Loire ( 43 )) 02:30 in the morning

>> it gets more complicated_ i was peacefully sleeping one night_ and then blam _ the extraterrestrials were making again their come back_ i went outside with a blowtorch_ wondering what was walking in the leaves_ i knew from the start that it was not human beings_ and then surprize_ but as for myself it does not make me laugh_ four extraterrestrials who are wandering in the neighborhooh_ and what i thought_ the infamous folliage in the médoc_ and well there again except that those that i saw in blamont_ i saw them in the visible range_ whereas now_ that is what i have alwazs been thinking_ the extraterrestrials manage to hide in the range of the infrared_ with night vision goggles_ you can detect them not sure_

>> and the same as soon as they felt my presence and there was someone from the family_ the invisible_ extraterrestrials left at once of those pace_ in the slope_ of the road



>> come always between 11H30 and 5h00 a.m. generally_ but... ( localization countryside_ not man in the big cities_ ) but know where to fond those they are looking for_

>> are invisible at will when they want_

>> have " hands " that are not of human in any case_since i saw the genetic inprint on the handle of the door

>> take advantage of the sleep of the human do do their shopping of humans_ ( marking and eugenism of the human population ? they think humans are cattle )

>> the probleme : it is that one night_when i stood up to go to the lavatories_ there i realized that my colons was hurting very much_ intestines near the rectum_ they have pierced mzself between the rectum and the genitals_ those extraterrestrial bastards_( red hole of arounf 0.7 cm and in addition i am marked but dont understand_ i made some research on the Internet about the symbol of the infinite_but no reply_ ( talk of 666 or of 888 ) i am marked on the left knee with the symbol of infinity_ besides there was a tiny little hole_ even sammler than a medical needle_ when i was sleeping probably_ they must have punctured in my flesh_ and next to it this symbol of the infinite_ which disappeared_ after i managed to see it quickly with my own eyes_and this symbol is no longer visible to my naked eye_even now_ since i lived all this_ i am still crying about it_and mostly i am very afraid that they abduct me_you cannot understand_ they are coming back when they please_

>> extraterrestrials : living being to handle with precaution_ when you see them_ because those they do not seem to be joking around a lot_ ( there are some who have had burns...) and that i am sure anc certains that thez are not frightened with us humans_ and speak a langage like when you slap the tongue on the top of the mouth_

>> the problem is that the human is too NAIVE he should know where he sets foot even in space_ and even on earth_

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